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Habitat pays tribute to Asia with its new collection

Habitat pays tribute to Asia with its new collection

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For its new spring-summer 2015 collection, Habitat has chosen to pay tribute to Asia, and more particularly to the harmonious and contrasting universe of the land of the Rising Sun. Between design, patterns, materials and colors, batteries in the Japanese spirit, this is a collection that marries tradition and modernity. Overview of these pretty new products.

Soberly decorated tea cups

Habitat And to adopt a refined and creative art of living, influenced by Japanese philosophy, opt for these sandstone tea cups, decorated with delicate patterns and from the Sashiko collection. 4 euros one

Ippon, a sofa inspired by tatami mats

Habitat Here is a 3-seater sofa bed, ultra comfortable, inspired by tatami mats, the Ippon sofa invites you to relax. Love at first sight for its graphic design and its ash base. 1,390 euros

Fusatu, a tray with a minimalist design

Habitat Made of ash plywood, Fusatu is a designer tray that will bring the graphic touch that was missing from your table decor. Small model: 16 euros Large model: 19 euros

Traditional low stools

Habitat With Tap, Habitat signs a traditional low stool model, which is found in most Japanese interiors. Designed in solid ash, Tap offers a design that combines tradition and modernity. 99 euros

An aerial canvas lamp

Home Inspired by traditional Japanese balls, the Fuku table lamp is made of paper canvas. Ideal in a bedroom or an office, it will provide a soft and subdued light as desired. 99 euros

Calligraphic tableware - Keiu collection

Habitat With the Keiu collection, we discover fine tableware, as if decorated in ink, like a calligrapher. Made of porcelain, this collection is made up of dessert plates, flat plates, bowls, salad bowls, coffee cups and mugs. What decorate your table with taste. Dessert plate: 8.50 euros Flat plate: 9.50 euros Coffee cup, with saucer: 8 euros

Faiku and Fento, colorful cushions

Habitat Both 100% cotton, the Faiku and Fento cushions are adorned with vibrant colors and traditional patterns. Perfect for adding some pep to the sofa. Faiku cushion: 18.80 euros Fento cushion: 18.90 euros

Diogo, colorful outdoor cushions

Habitat Outdoor side, we love these outdoor cushions in seagrass, coconut fiber, and cotton. In addition to a comfortable seat, it is the borders of colors that particularly appeal to us. Small model: € 21.80 Large model: € 23.50

A minimalist iron lantern

Habitat We finish our selection with Fuchu: an iron lantern with a design inspired by the roofs of traditional Japanese houses. Arranged in your garden, or on your balcony, Fuchu will provide subtle lighting. 29.90 euros