A perfectly optimized 18m2 studio

A perfectly optimized 18m2 studio

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Setting up a studio is not always easy: you have to manage to have a sleeping area, a corner dedicated to meal preparation, a bathroom and a small living room, on a small surface. The architect Hélène-Sophie Martin has succeeded in this challenge in an 18m2 studio located in the 9th arrondissement of the capital. After studying the different possibilities of layout, the young woman gives us a sleek and very contemporary apartment, in which storage space and space-saving tricks are given pride of place!

A renovation from A to Z

Alain Potignon The owner of this small apartment wanted to refurbish it in order to offer it for rental; he therefore called on the interior architecture agency Atelier 3,4,5 to find functional and harmonious layout solutions. With its 3.10m of ceiling height, the mezzanine bed solution was first considered before being finally ruled out: the presence of a beam concealed in the existing partition occasionally reduced the available height.

A clever drawer bed

Alain Potignon The architect Hélène-Sophie Martin finally opted for a pull-out bed integrated into the main storage, which once folded up slides under a platform including the kitchen and the bathroom. This ingenious system frees the floor and the walls of the living room, which thus remains clear and airy.

Mix & Match

Solenne Brugiroux Here is the apartment at the end of the work: Hélène Sophie Martin was able to take advantage of the original architectural assets, which she skillfully mixed with more contemporary structural elements. The Hungarian point parquet and the moldings with floral patterns have been preserved and decorated with a platform and a large multifunction closet. Their light wood veneer was deliberately chosen sober in order to enhance the old look of the elements present before the work.

Blond wood for a contemporary atmosphere

Solenne Brugiroux The solid wood of all the storage elements goes perfectly with the whole: each door, shelf and riser was made of birch plywood with a matt varnish finish. Particular attention was paid to the details of finishes between flat surfaces and screened edges of the panels.

Balance spaces

Solenne Brugiroux The principle of superimposing functions being the solution chosen to reduce the footprint of the night area compared to the day area, a large platform was created in order to intelligently separate the different parts of the apartment. The high ceiling height facilitated the installation of this raised space, which saves considerable space in the living room.

A punchy and vitamin-rich decoration

Alain Potignon The red ball studio was rented fully furnished: the challenge was therefore to find furniture suitable for the size of the apartment, in order to have all the necessary comfort without overloading the living space. Nesting tables, a contemporary sofa and small shelves were chosen for the living room. Touches of bright red wake up the whole and give it the ideal contemporary touch.

Multiple and clever storage

Alain Potignon The project integrates all the storage necessary for a well-ordered interior: wardrobe, cupboards, location for washing machine, niche serving as bedside table, shelves, bathroom cabinet, pantry… In order not to lose any meter square, a chest was arranged in the kitchen floor in the manner of double bottoms of sailboats. And to exploit the full height of the entrance, a cupboard above the door completes the various storage spaces.

A small contemporary bathroom

Alain Potignon The bathroom is located above the platform, at the back of the main cupboard above which Hélène Sophie Martin has integrated a window that lets daylight filter into the room. The young architect opted for a fresh and modern decoration, where turquoise blue is the star.

Optimize space

Alain Potignon This small 2.70m2 bathroom contains all the elements necessary for a well-designed bathroom: walk-in shower, wall-hung toilet, sink and various storage spaces. This bet was brilliantly taken up by the Atelier 3,4,5 agency!


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