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20 ideas for a pop terrace

20 ideas for a pop terrace

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Bright and colorful, revamp your trendy pop terrace for the summer. Easy to adopt, this vitamin style is perfect whether you have a small balcony or a large terrace. Enjoy a warm and festive atmosphere with these 20 decor ideas.

Colorful Chilean

Alinéa Wood, color, relax in a pop atmosphere on these colorful Chileans from Maisons du Monde.

A pop and colorful armchair

La Redoute Perfect for adding a design touch, mixing the style of several armchairs (La Redoute) to create a pop atmosphere around your table.

We also put on cushions with colorful patterns

Maisons du monde On your armchairs or on the sofa in your garden furniture, have cushions of different shapes and colors (Maisons du Monde).

To light up your evenings

Maisons du monde For a pop and colorful decor, light up your evenings by installing lantern garlands (Maisons du Monde) on your terrace!

Colorful chairs for pop garden furniture

Castorama No need to change everything, sometimes you just need to change the chairs in your garden furniture (Janeiro Castorama model) to instantly create a pop decor on your terrace!

A colorful wooden deckchair

Alinéa Simple and elegant, a colorful wooden deckchair (like the Bergonce model at Alinéa) can bring the ideal pop touch to enhance your terrace.

Colorful tableware for lively evenings

Maisons du monde Treat yourself to pop dinners with friends or family on summer evenings thanks to colorful and festive tableware (Maisons du Monde).

Mix of colors and materials

Castorama Do not hesitate to mix colors and materials as with the colorful metal table Chiva (Castorama) which will bring the pop touch to your garden furniture.

A light cube

Castorama Color… even at night! Day or night, enjoy a pop atmosphere by adding balls or light cubes (Carry at Castorama) on your terrace.

Bright colors on the terrace

La Redoute Even your table changes color to give a pop style to your terrace! Graduate the blues and punctuate them with a bright red, guaranteed effect!

Colorful plant pots

Alinéa Perfect for immediately giving a touch of pop color to your terrace, dress your flower pots with colorful planters (Ambiance Alinéa collection)!

A pop nap in summer

Casa With a sleek design, a metal structure and colorful canvases, pick a deckchair at Casa to offer you a pop nap!

Pop and retro atmosphere on the terrace

Castorama To install around a table or a coffee table to create a small garden furniture, a small bench (Gloria model at Castorama) in colored metal, allows you to create a pop and retro atmosphere!

For kids too!

Gifi Even children benefit from a pop garden furniture (Gifi) made of metal or plastic but always colorful!

Revitalize a small terrace

Truffaut Ideal for small areas, the pop trend allows you to vitiate your terrace! We rely on a light and modular model (Truffaut) to optimize space.

The dream hammock

Héspéride Essential for summer naps, install a hammock (El Paso model at Héspéride) in colored canvas to enjoy a unique moment of relaxation this summer.

Pop-modern and trendy atmosphere

Carrefour Take the height with a table and high chair set (Carrefour) to create a pop-modern and trendy atmosphere.

Colorful shade sails

Bricorama Two in one! The colored shade sails allow you both to protect yourself from the sun but also to give a pop style to your terrace.

Twist on the terrace

Fermob Twist the classics of outdoor furniture by choosing them anise green as with this Fermob garden furniture (at Gamme Vert).