Boost interior design with neon colors!

Boost interior design with neon colors!

Interior decoration in need of originality, furniture of yesteryear or a simple desire for change: the fluorescent is revealed from every angle to dress our home with dynamism! Textiles, furniture or trinkets, this singular color sneaks into every corner of the house to sublimate everyday objects. Focus on an offbeat bias with a certain charm.

Fluorescent feet for your furniture

In the land of Cactuses Nothing like a yellow with fluorescent pigments to refresh your furniture! The latter brings pep while retaining the vintage spirit of a buffet or an old chest of drawers. No need to completely rethink your furniture, a small touch of paint affixed to the base is enough to transform the whole effectively.

Decorative and fluorescent objects!

Eva Newton We have fun with the decorative objects of the house by choosing ultra colorful models. The lamp but also the flower pot or the photo frame show themselves from a playful angle when they are covered with a fluorescent coat. Arranged here and there in the living rooms, these trinkets capture the light and provide rhythm to the style of the house.

Fluorescent chairs to modernize interior decoration

Desamble If the power of fluorescent is effective in transforming furniture, the seats also strut with modernity thanks to this biased bias. For a subtle effect, we opt for a two-tone rendering by keeping part of the chair in a neutral shade, while the back (or the base as you wish), is dressed in a fluorescent touch. Both wise and extroverted, the seats in the house can be integrated into spaces without difficulty.

A lime green plaid to stay awake!

Seven One Six Designs Lover of plants, the neon lime green version gives a change to the plantations to decorate the house with green touches. As spicy as the cactus, this color gives spaces a boost. Plaid or blanket style, the fluorescent green envelops armchairs and sofas with originality.

A minimalist but candy pink shelf

Foal The minimalist shelf reinvents itself with a structure in neon cords - an original way to bring tone to the warm appearance of wooden surfaces. To change according to your desires, this hanging system matches your interior decoration in no time.

Fluorescent to bring out the decor of frames

Shopampersand Color is also displayed on the walls with neon-colored visuals. Typography, paintings or drawings of the youngest, what does the work matter in this quest for modernity! More discreet than a piece of furniture and modular at will, this bias allows you to vary the pleasures: we hang our visuals where we want to spice up spaces lacking in originality. To be placed among family photos and other decorative images, this touch of madness attracts the eye with subtlety.

The most beautiful trash can

Ikea We combine the useful with the aesthetic thanks to the pigmented elements: discreet effect in the dressing room thanks to the fluorescent hangers or faucets assumed for the pipes in the bathroom. Whether visible or not, the neon offers a sparkling effect every time. A unique way to shake up the look of some unsightly objects to give them a second wind - also, the trash can offers an ultra-trendy look to become the decorative asset of the bathroom.

Fluorescent in any interior

Harto If the fluorescent is distinguished in an interior with natural colors, know that it can also reveal the intense colors of the decor. Midnight blue, fiery red or fir green, nothing better than a fluorescent color to bring out the dark colors. A winning duel between light and deep shades to rhythmically harmonize spaces and keep areas of light in your interior.

An embroidery that does not lack character

Lindigoweaving Long shunned, embroidery and other weavings return to the front of the stage to decorate the house with a cozy and authentic touch. We then rediscover these scraps of fabric worked in a contemporary variant as desired thanks to the smart association of natural and colored threads. Here, the macramé offers an ethnic chic look in order to dress the space with a touch of sweetness, a bit exotic.