The new Lapeyre collection revealed in pictures

The new Lapeyre collection revealed in pictures

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Want a change in the house? Lapeyre presents its new collections to rethink the exterior of the house, the kitchen and the bathroom as well. Discover the news in pictures to inspire you.

A design portal

Lapeyre So that your home is design from the portal, Lapeyre offers refined and very chic models that guarantee style and security in your home.

A designer sunshade

Lapeyre And to dress your facade in style, you will find a very design sunshade which will be a decorative asset for your facade while protecting the interior from the sun's rays.

Patterned tiles

Lapeyre To give a touch of originality to the bathroom, Lapeyre offers patterned tiles in a cement tile style but in a neutral color that offers a contemporary atmosphere.

A practical kitchen

Lapeyre In this graphic kitchen, Lapeyre has chosen practicality with worktops of different heights to meet all times of the day and thus offer a dining area.

An original bathroom

Lapeyre To give a touch of originality to the bathroom, we adopt this colorful piece of furniture. We also like its original texture which gives it a very designer style.

A natural bathroom

Lapeyre With wooden bathroom furniture, you will get a bathroom with natural accents while emphasizing design with clean lines.

An original sink

Lapeyre Create a surprise in the bathroom with this original sink that breaks free of traditional forms in favor of a sleek set that will be a real sculpture in the room.

Practical storage

Lapeyre To store at will, Lapeyre offers numerous dressing and storage solutions for the living room. Here, we adopt this large library designed to dress a wall.

A revisited TV stand

Lapeyre For the living room, you can turn to storage solutions that integrate the TV screen to make it the heart of the room.