My decor in navy blue

My decor in navy blue

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High tide in the house. The walls and decorative accessories are tinged with deep blue borrowed from the ocean. Discover in images marine blue atmospheres imbued with serenity.

Navy blue children's room

Goal ### Snuggled up against a deep blue wall, the children's bed seems to be lost in the ocean. A decorative choice that should delight little lovers of the sea whose vivid imagination is repeatedly washed up off the Atlantic. Board the sailors!

Navy table decor

Geneviève Lethu ### Navy blue comes to the table. On the menu: a tablecloth gridded with blue lines on a white background and crockery adorned with dark blue tiles in the center of which the silhouette of a donkey highlights a chic country atmosphere.

Navy down

Serendipity ### Navy blue and black do not go together? Here is proof to the contrary! A teenage bedroom in which the retro bed with black bars has an ocean blue down that subtly soothes the well-tempered character of the decor.

Navy armchair

Maisons du Monde ### In this seaside style lounge, a striped navy blue armchair is installed as if to enhance the whiteness of the place without departing from the "Atlantic" theme.

Navy blue box spring

Hästens ### In the bedroom, the brand of Hästens bed bases - Vichy navy blue tiles - enhances the decor with a little chic graphic note.

Navy blue bed linen

Couke ### By dressing the bed in traditional marine stripes, the bedroom escapes discreetly by the sea to the delight of its occupants.

Navy walls

Paragraph ### In this small studio, love for the city of London is felt through a Union Jack poster, a double-decker bus motif on the sofa bed and the main colors of the room: navy blue for the wall and red for the armchair, emblems of the British flag.

Navy candlestick

Ikéa ### The black and metallic gray candlesticks bequeath their elegant look to navy blue models, a new color to pamper for a rendering that is both sober and very classy.

Navy kitchen accessories

Ikéa ### In the kitchen, the dishes, salad bowls and bowls in turn opt for the navy blue color, which contrasts with the classicism of the white services while bringing character to the table.


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