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Discover Shakira's contemporary home in Florida

Discover Shakira's contemporary home in Florida

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Installed in this 780m2 villa in Miami since 2001, the Colombian singer Shakira has just put it on sale again for the modest sum of 12.99 million euros. True space of zenitude with its many picture windows and the predominant white in each room, the house has in addition a direct access to the quays of maritime boats. Guided tour.

A high-end exterior

Genelle Brown Barbecue, outdoor bar, swimming pool bordered by a wooden terrace, very designer white furniture, the outside of the house sets the tone for what awaits us inside!

Oriental touches

Genelle Brown In the first living room of the house, head for the Orient with large white benches, silver side tables and a chest of drawers with multiple small mirrors.

A cocoon lounge

Genelle Brown In the second living room, the style is much more contemporary with a large wraparound white sofa, a structured bookcase and a side table mounted on a very modern metal base.

Ultra modern cuisine

Genelle Brown In the kitchen, it is a huge central island in white lacquer that punctuates the spaces. Accompanied by several high stools, it serves both as a table for taking meals and as a worktop for concocting them.

White lacquer and light wood

Genelle Brown On the furniture side, the tall kitchen units have been coated with white lacquered fronts, while the low cabinets have preferred to dress in blond wood. Clean atmosphere and guaranteed design!

A classic dining room

Genelle Brown In the dining room, change of decor! Here, the atmosphere is more classic than in the living rooms and the kitchen with the choice of a large old carpet and more traditional style chairs.

A Zen bathroom

Genelle Brown On the bathroom side (that is, the house has no less than 9!), The atmosphere is zen and relaxing like a spa. No storage units in sight, but large marble shelves that hold the sinks and towels.

A billiards corner

Genelle Brown After the meal, head to the relaxation area with a game of billiards, why not? The latter, all dressed in white, also respects the common thread of the house!

A view of Miami Bay

Genelle Brown The back of the garden offers a view but also direct access to the bay of Miami thanks to a wooden pontoon on which it is possible to moor a speedboat or a small pleasure boat.


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