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Selection of trompe l'oeil wallpapers

Selection of trompe l'oeil wallpapers

Tired of plain and overly classic dressings, the walls decided to change their skin by opening the way to fantasy and optical illusion. Long live the trompe-l'oeil wallpapers!


Leroy Merlin ### To bring nature inside, we say yes to the trend of plant walls ... without plants! Indeed, the photography of dense vegetation declined version wallpaper will do the trick. It's magic !


Koziel ### The libraries filled with old grimoires and manuscripts have something enchanting about them. A style to copy at home thanks to a trompe-l'oeil wallpaper that will surely create surprise.


Koziel ### Chic, the quilting effect! Now he dresses the walls with glamor, while enveloping the room with softness. Ideal especially for creating a trompe-l'oeil headboard…


Koziel ### The trend of brick walls in New York is available in wallpaper, enough to satisfy our desires of loft style in the house, while keeping smooth walls available.


Leroy Merlin ### Exoticism when you hold us! Now the walls draw their inspiration from a bamboo field, enough to bring a tropical breath to the house.

Toilet paper

Koziel ### The fantasy takes over the toilet with a series of toilet paper rolls covering the walls. Fun and original!


Leroy Merlin ### It is hard to imagine that these cladding panels, one on top of the other horizontally, are in reality a simple visual sham. And yet, it is indeed a trompe-l'oeil effect that animates this wall!


Koziel ### Do you want to create a cozy atmosphere in which to snuggle up? You have the knitted wallpaper, just as warm, fluffy and comfortable as the wool sweaters.