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An arty salon, instructions for use

An arty salon, instructions for use

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If you like colorful interiors, mixing contemporary art and offbeat decor, the arty style is for you! Install bright colors and pop ambiance furniture without restraint in your living room to bring a good dose of good humor. To get an idea of ​​the accessories to get as quickly as possible, here are 10 photos that will help you.

Install colorful coffee tables

Maisons du Monde Like the Andy Warhol series which use the same portrait in different colors, adopt 4 coffee tables to arrange in the same way. Bet on bright, acid colors, close to comics.

Bet on a fun carpet

Saint Maclou The arty style allows you to choose playful and childish furniture like this carpet decorated with large red circles. Like a painting, it becomes a decorative element in its own right.

Play on colors

Ikéa The sofa, the centerpiece of the living room, is also adorned with flashy colors to bring good humor. This fuchsia pink model merges with a green wall in nature style as well as with graphic cushions also very colorful.

Find funny decorative items

O Comptoir Bohème Giving an offbeat look to your arty living room also involves acquiring original and funny objects. You can for example bet on these trophies at the head of colorful deer who watch over your decor perched on the wall.

Opt for a colorful dresser

Maisons du Monde The dresser also adorns itself with its most beautiful colored stripes to settle in your arty living room. Its classic forms combine with an explosion of colors to vitiate the room.

Choose childish patterns

Ikéa We also dare the childish patterns on the household linen. To dress up the sofa, put on cushions with colorful stripes or owl designs that are very fashionable again this year.

Use mismatched furniture

OK Design The Acapulco armchair, always upholstered in acid colors, finds its place perfectly in an arty living room. You can also make it the flagship piece of the living room by combining it with more sober furniture like a wooden coffee table.

Select a pop lamp

Bright orange spout and all roundness, this ball lamp is the model to adopt for an arty decor. Its color and pop atmosphere style blend perfectly with an offbeat decor.

Daring offbeat accessories

Spoiler To give a truly offbeat touch, we adopt original accessories. This folding screen is covered with lots of colors which give it an ideal pop style in a living room.