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The new LSA spring-summer 2014 collection

The new LSA spring-summer 2014 collection

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For the new LSA collection, creative director Monika Lubkowska-Jonas designed 119 original pieces that combine glass, porcelain and wood. The result is chic and elegant to enhance your tables at any occasion. Discover the news in pictures.

Refreshing vases

LSA International To enhance your spring flowers, LSA offers vases that dress in blue and white with a delicate and elegant pattern reminiscent of pencil strokes.

A kit for your drinks

LSA International To serve wine and other drinks with elegance, LSA revisits the shape of classic glasses by playing the sculptural card. The aperitif time is sublimated!

The tie and dye spirit

LSA International The tie and dye of the 80s has made a comeback in decoration and at LSA too! We then fall for these mugs that dress in a gradient of color that puts a good mood on the table.

Tie and dye glasses

LSA International The tie and dye does not stick to mugs and also finds its place on an original glass collection. The color gives the glasses a matte appearance to transform the table.

A traditional service revisited

LSA International At tea time we play the contemporary card with this tea service that winks at traditional porcelain using a blue and white color code.

Original pots

LSA International To break the codes, LSA does not hesitate to mix the elegance of glass with the raw appearance of wood for an original wedding. We love these pots with wooden lids that revisit traditional jars with elegance.


LSA International To serve your drinks at the table, we put aside the traditional bottles and treat ourselves to a decanter worthy of the name which invites itself to the table like a work of art.

The chic aperitif

LSA International To enhance the aperitif, it's not just glassware that counts! LSA also relies on tapas services to help you present your aperitifs with chic and elegance.

Glass for decoration

LSA International Finally, to stage the whole house, we love this collection of textured vases that dress in soft and contemporary colors.