20 kitchen island ideas to make

20 kitchen island ideas to make

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A Lego kitchen island

Hervé Goluza

The famous colorful Lego brick never ceases to inspire creators. After the XXL bricks to stack to create dividing walls, shelves or lamps, these come back to us in the form of an unusual and wacky central island! Imagined by the Munchausen collective, this work plan covered with Lego has it all! Source: The Deco minute

The combination of wood and marble

Homemade Modern

After seducing us in 2014, marble is making a comeback in the kitchen. Widely used for worktops, this pretty noble material is here associated with wooden planks. The result is an elegant and fashionable kitchen island. Source: Instructables

A door as a kitchen island

The Simple Solution Mom

Special mention for this kitchen island made using a classic dining table and an old door. A nice way to break away from waste while giving new life to unused objects. Source: The Simple Solution Mom

An ultra-functional kitchen island

Sketchy Styles

Fancy a multifunctional kitchen island with a robust worktop, clever storage and a bar and dining table area? Fall for this sublime island made with Ikea furniture. Seduced? Find out how to do it with the comprehensive tutorial from Sketchy Styles. Source: Sketchy Styles

A rustic kitchen island

Re-made Just Right

The most daring will turn to this work island made using reclaimed wood planks. First step, sand the boards. Then assemble them using your craft materials and paint the feet and the base in a beige shade. Finally, varnish the top board so that it takes on the color of dark wood. Simply sublime! Source: Re-made Just Right

A revisited chest of drawers


Don't throw away your tired dressers! Divert them into reclaimed kitchen islands! An old chest of drawers, two wooden brackets and a tray will allow you to obtain a worktop worthy of the name! To remember ! Source: Traerloves

A bar island designed using kitchen elements

303 Home Deco

The less DIY enthusiasts will turn to this beautiful bar island made from two basic Ikea modules. You will decorate it with a wooden board, inclined snack support legs and doors, drawers and baskets. Small budget, maximum effect! Source: 303 Home Deco

Smart storage

Osie Moaks

Favorite for this kitchen island made with wooden planks. The plus of the project: its storage space for pots and pans. A nice solution to declutter and optimize space in a functional way. Source: The DIY Adventures

A versatile kitchen island

A Bundle of Fun

Home Depot furniture, a wooden butcher tray, storage shelves, a towel rack and some elbow grease were necessary to make this practical and functional kitchen island. Source: A Bundle of Fun

A smart kitchen island

Remodeling guy

Two identical colored dressers installed side by side and a board are enough to create an original island in his kitchen. Want to give it a decorative touch? No need to get into big jobs! Sometimes it only takes a little bit like painting stencil patterns to change everything. So tempted? Source: Remodeling Guy

A kitchen island on a wooden pallet


The wooden pallets have not said their last word. After having taken over our lounges, our bedrooms and our exteriors, they now take up their quarters in the kitchen in the form of an island. A few wooden pallets, a few boards and casters will be necessary if you decide to let yourself be tempted. Source: Q-bic

Painted pallets

Jennyshus - I Love Palets

When you have little means and you need additional storage space, one solution is to make a central island inexpensively using old wooden pallets. And for more personalization, don't hesitate to paint! Source: Jennyshus & I Love Palets

A traditional version kitchen island

Save By Love Creations

You have a few hours in front of you and want to make a work island for your kitchen? Get inspired by the work of Save By Love Creations. A few wooden planks, a little varnish, white paint and a good dose of patience will be necessary. First step: determine the right dimensions for your island, making sure to reserve enough space around it for good circulation. Then define its uses and start making it. Source: Save By Love Creations

A successful transformation

DIY Network

Sometimes it takes little to change the function of a piece of furniture. Here the trick consisted in repainting in blue the contours of a bland and impersonal wooden piece of furniture. It also involves changing your feet, adding rods, handles and removing two drawers. Source: DIY Network

Modernize an old piece of furniture

Refurbished Ideas

And to modernize a piece of furniture that is a little too old, consider adding a wooden board with strict lines. We particularly like the contrast between the wooden board and the rest of the green buffet, ideal for nature-inspired cuisine. Source: Refurbished Ideas

A revisited craft furniture


Transformed into practical and functional furniture for the kitchen, this apothecary furniture installed on wheels and diverted into a vintage island seduces us with its timeless and atypical style. Source: HGTV

Rustic charm

Nikoos pics

Fans of the rustic or rustic landscaping style will love this old little wooden table that has been disassembled, sanded and repainted. An original rustic charm and lots of creativity! Source: Nikoos Photos

A shelf-style island

Golden Boys and Me

Another original solution is to use three Ikea libraries and a butcher's worktop. Practical, this idea will easily meet your storage needs. And for greater personalization of your furniture, do not hesitate to cover the contours with wooden planks, wallpaper or stencils. Source: Golden Boys and Me

Wooden boxes


Clever idea to use wooden boxes to make a kitchen island at lower cost. Once sanded, painted and assembled together, you just have to cover this support with a pretty wooden board. Source: Handimania


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