Decorative coaching: Ophélie's stay

Decorative coaching: Ophélie's stay

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Ophélie, who wants to circulate better in her multifunctional stay. If, like Ophélie, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decorative coaching!




** Visually ventilate the living room area from the entrance, for 3 reasons: ** - The sofa no longer blocks the view from the entrance to the living room. Keep your comfortable chocolate canapes but place one of them on the head wall (front) to create an L-shaped seating area. This arrangement will create a welcoming relaxation area that is easier to live with. Decorative tip: place a photo of beautiful dimensions to create depth and a decorative effect on this head wall. Lighting tip: eliminate the suspension on the living room side to free up the volume and prefer a light and designer floor lamp. - You gain in conviviality: the lounge is welcoming and open. The space is more comfortable because the sofa is facing the TV. Finally, the TV cabinet remains under the stairs for more discretion. - You rebalance the areas and lighten the sitting area: remove the office area to enlarge the space dedicated to the living room and to rest. Lighten up the living room area by adding 3 aerial coffee tables with soft and contemporary shapes to modernize this area. ** Visually stretch the wall of the dining room to give a feeling of space ** - Run a picture rail along the wall. It is a very effective solution for visually lengthening a section of wall. Alternate the tables to bring rhythm and charm to this space. - Choose two suspensions, once again to visually lengthen this area and create better distributed lighting above the table. - On the dining room wall section, place a bookcase to maximize storage with modular solutions. Decorative tip: the bookcases are a real "plus" in a space: they bring a lot of warmth to the room and allow you to display pretty objects. - Place beautiful objects and touches of duck blue to create a link with the living room.


** Soften the rectangular structure of the room by using a soft gray on the head wall and a taupe-chocolat for the 2 peripheral walls. ** - Choose a so-called cold shade for the walls, like a soft gray. These shades enlarge the volume by bringing depth to the walls. - Paint the other 2 sections of wall in a taupe chocolate shade to warm the atmosphere. - Also paint the WC wall in this shade to visually extend the living room area towards the entrance. Decorative tip: choose a mat or velvety finish to give your space a soft and intimate atmosphere. ** Replace your too cold white tiled floor with a parquet effect floor. Choose a soft, warm taupe parquet color. ** - Use PVC taupe imitation oak planks for ease of installation. Ideally, run this parquet up to the entrance to enlarge the space. Decorative tip: mix materials, wood, lacquer, linen and accessorize to give style and create a cozy atmosphere. Lighting tip: place the lamps in the direction of the light to lengthen the room and strengthen the perspective. - Lift and energize your chromatic gray chocolate duo with a "tonic" color: a duck blue for example on the accessories to create an elegant and contemporary color harmony





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