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Soft pastel pink in the decor

Soft pastel pink in the decor

Arrived on tiptoe, a pastel pink has interfered in the decor, bringing it softness and a subtle feminine touch. Zoom on this trend found on small accessories, walls and large furniture.

Pastel pink bed linen

Blanc des Vosges ### Chic, the flowers reach the bed linen, appearing in creamy colors. And the powdery universe is created.

Pastel pink candles

Ikéa ### For soft and flirtatious lighting, you can use petal candles at will.

Pastel pink sheers

Ikéa ### Here is a powdery universe delicately underlined by the presence of fine pale pink sheers. And the bedroom reveals all its femininity.

Pastel pink seats

Maisons du Monde ### Here is an armchair and its footrest that invites you to relax. We like its enveloping shape, its soft cushions, and its soft pink color borrowed from the tutus of the star dancers…

Pastel pink walls

Saint Maclou ### In pink, life is better! This is a decorative thread to take or leave and of which here is a fine example: half pastel pink, half raspberry pink walls, the right balance.

Pastel pink bedding set

Paragraph ### Delicately dressed in a pale pink adornment enhanced with a more sustained old rose, the bed brings a resolutely feminine charm to the bedroom.

Pastel pink vase

Saint Maclou ### On a flowery background, a pretty pink vase stands out, highlighting the romantic aspect of the decor.

Pastel pink kitchen

Lapeyre ### Fitted with black, white and dark pink furniture, this small kitchen has chosen a powder pink covering for the walls, so as to create a subtle play of contrast highlighting the furniture.

Pastel pink flowers

Fly ### They have the gift of embalming the house with a sweet fragrance and sublimating the place with their eternal romanticism. But chosen in a light pink, the flowers enchant us with their delicacy.