Full of ideas to improvise a headboard

Full of ideas to improvise a headboard

In search of unusual headboards, the editorial staff has identified 20 easy, inexpensive and stylish ideas to steal to enhance the bedroom. Preview in pictures.

With wooden planks

Blanc des Vosges A few nails and 4 planks of raw wood: and here is your sleeping corner topped with an ultra-natural headboard.

With a wall recess

Blanc des Vosges What if instead of gaining volume, the headboard sinks into the wall? This is the bet brilliantly taken up by this recess in the wall, transformed into a superb headboard / shelf. You had to think about it!

With half a partition

Blanc des Vosges If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bedroom, know that a half plaster partition will isolate the sleeping area from the storage area while creating a custom-made headboard effect. Ingenious.

With a black canvas

Blanc des Vosges Another magic formula to improvise a unique and inexpensive headboard? Hang a canvas over your relaxation area. The trick: do not hesitate to play the XXL side in order to create a phenomenal rendering.

With a mottled base

Blanc des Vosges After scouring the flea markets, you have unearthed an old wooden box spring. Perfect ! Leaning against the wall horizontally, it will create a natural and original headboard effect.

With a storage unit

Blanc des Vosges Functionality above all! This is the bias of this headboard, improvised from a designer storage unit. Handy if you want to put your bedside books or decorative trinkets there.

With slate plates

Blanc des Vosges School tables inspire the headboard. Now it is made up of a series of slate plates attached one next to the other and on top of each other, so as to create an oversized rendering which subtly enhances the bed.

With a dresser

Blanc des Vosges Behind the bed, a large chest of drawers plays on the multifunction. Storage space, shelf and headboard, what more could you ask for?

With paint

Blanc des Vosges Creating a headboard effect simply with color is possible. Just paint a wall frame around the bed, at the desired height, and voila.

A square bed frame

Habitat If your bed does not have an integrated headboard, you can imagine it yourself by recreating a colored bed frame to create a dodo space. All you need is a little paint, a few notions of geometry and tape to make your square.

A folding headboard

Maisons du Monde Here, we imagine very well by the beach in a small hut. This wooden headboard in the form of a screen is original and harmonizes with the rest of the decor in this room with sanded and colored furniture.

A recessed headboard

Castorama In this room, the headboard is ingenious and practical at the same time. Indeed, once embedded in the wall, it can act as a bedside table or shelf. Light fixtures are placed there to brighten up this space nicely.

A bookcase headboard

The national bed Very original, this headboard is actually a bookcase. Convenient when you only have one room and you have to define the bedroom area of ​​the living room area!

A storage headboard

Courchevel In the same style as the previous one, this headboard offers an additional service than a simple headboard. Indeed, it has storage in the form of lockers which allow to have certain objects close at hand.

A graffiti headboard

Conforama To please your children, you can imagine a graffiti headboard on their wall. It will bring a little urban touch in the blink of an eye!

Personalized headboards

Castorama For a child's bedroom, a personalized headboard remains a great idea. One can imagine sticking stickers on a wooden headboard, sticking large letters or even using the headboard as a frame to frame large photos.

A wrought iron headboard

Delamaison In this headboard, we find all the romanticism of wrought iron. Our tip: you can choose random shapes for your headboard thanks to the iron that twists as you see fit.

Oriental style headboard

Maisons du Monde Oriental style With two tables which take up the codes of the oriental style, you can instantly create an original and exotic headboard.

A quilted headboard

The national bed To give a facelift to a quilted headboard, we cover it with an elegant fabric in perfectly trendy colors, like here!