Christmas decor: Blush style according to Marie

Christmas decor: Blush style according to Marie

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And if, to make the most of the weeks leading up to Christmas and the family meals of stuffed turkey-chestnuts-granny chocolate log, we gathered all our friends for a Christmas meal full of petit fours and laughter! A thousand shades of pink, girly-colored balls, delicate dishes and golden touches… We love with all our hearts the Blush style of the new Christmas collection from Maisons du Monde!

Romantic balls for your tree

Maisons du Monde And if you took advantage of this Christmas snack to decorate your Christmas tree with your friends? Pick from the powdery and trendy selection of Maisons du Monde: soft materials, geometric patterns and shades of roses. Pink and white balls {rel = "nofollow"} printed Snowflake, set of 6, Maisons du Monde, 21.54 euros

A design tree

Maisons du Monde We are fans of this modern and design tree: a graphic triangle on which you can hang all your favorite balls! The extra thing: this tree will adapt very well to small spaces! Modern fir {rel = "nofollow"}, Maisons du Monde, 39.99 euros

DIY tree

Maisons du Monde Another special tip for very small spaces: you don't have room to set up a tree at home? No problem: hang your balls on a nice wooden hanger using ribbons or bolduc! Wool ball {rel = "nofollow"} pink, set of 12, Maisons du Monde, 23.88 euros

Candles that smell good Christmas

Maisons du Monde Failing to light a good chimney fire, light some pretty candles that will smell like Christmas! Jar candle {rel = "nofollow"} Pretty Copper H 13 cm, Maisons du Monde, 8.99 euros

A gourmet hot chocolate in a Christmas mug

Maisons du Monde Another scent of Christmas: hot chocolate! All the more Christmas spirit in these Maisons du Monde deer mugs! Deer mug {rel = "nofollow"} in white Fox porcelain, Maisons du Monde, set of 2, € 9.98

Christmas cupcakes in a bell

Maisons du Monde To make your cupcakes even more precious, put them under bells. We really like the flamingo bowl that we can see behind! Earthenware bowl {rel = "nofollow"}, Maisons du Monde, 5.99 euros

Pack the latest gift packs

Maisons du Monde We sit on this superb coffee table to wrap the last gift packs before dinner ... Vintage coffee table in Trocadero mango, Maisons du Monde, 135 euros

Girly table decor

Maisons du Monde On the table, we take out our crockery and golden cutlery. We add some powder pink details and the table is ready! Flat plate in porcelain {rel = "nofollow"} taupe with Manhattan patterns, set of 2, Maisons du Monde, 11.98 euros

Romantic details on the Christmas table

Maisons du Monde Refined detail like everything: place on each plate a napkin with golden patterns in its matching napkin ring. Napkin {rel = "nofollow"} with beige cotton round with golden patterns Magical, Maisons du Monde, 6.99 euros


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