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I want a golden Christmas!

I want a golden Christmas!

This year, I want a breathtaking and sparkling Christmas, under the sign of celebration and wonder. Exit the traditional red and green, this year, I want GOLD! (But with decor that can keep me going the rest of the year of course…)

A gold fruit bowl

Ikea In a cup with golden reflections, any kilo of apples looks like refined dishes. A great classic from the Swedish giant that deserves a detour for a sparkling decor.

Gold salad servers

Cyrillus And like all the art of hospitality nestles in details, we do not neglect salad servers ... With this model with golden reflections, salad will become a festive dish all year round!

A tablecloth with golden patterns

Zara home With gold crockery, a simple gray or white tablecloth is perfect, but if you prefer to use your white crockery, here is a festive tablecloth with golden patterns that will have its small effect near the tree.

A golden cup

Monoprix The mat finish of this golden metal dish makes it absolutely irresistible. Sublime to present the New Years Eve aperitif, it will easily find its place on the 364 other days of the year…

Golden cushions

H&M Home For a resolutely warm and bright seasonal decoration, we fall for its beautiful golden and white Christmas cushions that give pep's to the sofa during the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas!

Golden fir decorations

Sostrene Grene In the fir tree, the golden decorations light up by a thousand and two when you light the garlands of light… All the more reason to buy beautiful decorations, with a natural and refined pattern…

Balls under a bell

H&M Home But nothing prevents from putting balls under a bell to create original and spectacular Christmas decorations. A great idea to try!

Bright stars

Ikea With these shades in the shape of golden stars, the atmosphere should be festive and warm. A good decorative star to follow with your eyes closed…

A candlestick in golden brass

Sostrene Grene Designed for the advent, this candlestick in gilded metal makes us an eye… To be placed in the center of the table on December 24, and in front of a window throughout the winter!