I want a red Christmas!

I want a red Christmas!

What color is Santa Claus? Red of course! So even if it is because of the Coca-Cola pubs, our imagination has nevertheless been marked by its carmine coat which smells of fir, gifts and family celebrations. So this year, I want a red, red and red Christmas!

Red and white Christmas decorations…

Ikea For a traditional Scandinavian Christmas, the decor should remain simple and bright… We therefore associate red with white, the winning duo to be definitely in the holiday tone without falling into kitsch!

Red and green Christmas balls…

Maisons du Monde On a Christmas tree, red balls are dominant, but they go perfectly with white balls and green decorations like branches. A pure British spirit!

Carmine red table

Alessi For Christmas Eve, no need to invest in Christmas tableware as long as we have a nice red tablecloth to set the tone! A few pine cones in the center of the table and voila…

A stag's head shifted to the wall

Monoprix If you say yes to the traditional Christmas spirit, it's always with humor! So agree for a deer head hanging on the wall, but in red and gold cardboard please!

Red and white bags to wrap gifts

Linvosges Still in a traditional spirit, Santa's elves wrap their gifts in jute or white cotton bags, delicately enhanced with a carmine red motif. A great idea that can be recycled from year to year!

Natural decorations

Lightonline On the table as in the rest of the house, pine cones, holly branches and red berries are in the spotlight. In the center of the table, in garlands or in large transparent glass vases, they are everywhere!

A real snow globe!

Maisons du Monde Small concession to kitsch with this humorous snow globe that appeals to children as much as to adults ... And then global warming forces, snow may not fall until the 24th!

A red star to light up the night

Ikea Too design to be truly traditional, this red star is nonetheless perfectly in the spirit of Christmas. And then it is perfectly red, right?

A Christmas wreath on the door

Etsy And we finish at the beginning with this door wreath that welcomes guests and makes the Christmas spirit reign on the landing. Around a hoop, we attach fir branches, red ilex branches and pine cones. Long live traditional Christmas!