Duck blue: 20 examples to adopt the color

Duck blue: 20 examples to adopt the color

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1-Fall for a pretty vintage velvet armchair


How to use duck blue sparingly? Opt for a pretty velvet armchair! Unearthed in a flea market or at grandma's, it will be perfect for reading in your living room, or simply in front of a fireplace!

2-Match the color of the door and decorative elements


Are you in the middle of painting? Think of duck blue to repaint doors, it will add pep to your room and highlight your pretty doors, especially if you have other decorative items of the same color.

3-Repaint an old piano


How to give a second life to an old piano? By repeing it with a clear color such as duck blue. It's crazy how a little paint can restore the radiance of a piano which becomes an original decorative element!

4-Bet on colored cushions in the bedroom


To energize a room with small touches, think of the cushions! By opting for bright colors and more pastel, your bed will be an enchantment for the eyes and will necessarily make you want to dive on it…

5-Find a nice vase to put on a chest of drawers


Duck blue sneaks everywhere. This pretty vase, delicately placed on a chest of drawers or on a shelf, will welcome your most beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, but not only! You can also put driftwood branches, dried flowers or leave it empty, it will bring color to your interior anyway.

6-Crack for a sober and elegant sofa


For you, duck blue is a must have? Treat yourself to a nice, simple and elegant sofa, depending on the style of your living room. If you are a fan of the scandi style, this sofa will be perfect!

7-Adopt it on outdoor deckchairs


Have you found some pretty deckchairs for your exterior but they deserve a good paint job? Choose duck blue! In addition to being trendy, it will also give a good boost to your garden.

8-Lie on a soft bench


Nothing like duck blue in a child's room. This color is just as suitable for a little girl as a little boy, especially when it is integrated in small touches. This bench, has its place perfectly in a room in pastel colors.

9-Perfect a living room with a colorful carpet


Does your living room lack heat? Does it seem empty and unwelcoming? Opt for a carpet! Whatever the style of your room, it will bring color and dress it with ease…

11-Choose a velvet sofa that has style


If you like flea markets and empty attics, your next mission will be to find your future sofa! And if it is duck blue and a retro twist, you will have hit the jackpot! Because yes, color and style are trendy and blend easily with other colors and other styles.

12-Home staging with an old dresser


How to renew your interior at a lower cost? Make way for home staging! Strip and repaint an old chest of drawers, change the buttons or handles and presto, voila! Finally, you will have a unique dresser and to your taste…

13-Bet on colored bed linen


The total duck blue look, very little for you? Do you like to change colors and shirts? Good thing, if there is one decorative element that you can change quickly and easily, it is bed linen!

14-Bet on colorful chairs


It is well known, gray and blue go well together. So if your interior incorporates the codes of lofts, know that duck blue goes perfectly with everything that is industrial furniture!

15-Accessorize a clear sofa with cushions


It is not only in the bedroom that you can put colorful cushions! In the living room too! And that's good, because they can radically change the style of a light, aging sofa and give it a little charm.

16-Comforting yourself with a soft blanket


In addition to the cushions, a pretty duck blue plaid, placed delicately, can transform a sofa. In addition to being comforting, the plaid is one of the essential decorative objects to dress an interior. It doesn't take much to put some life into its interior!

17-Place pretty curtains


Another decorative element that can highlight the duck blue: I named, the curtains! Useful and decorative, they will put a little color around your windows, and it is not luxury, because very often it is the darkest section of wall.

18-Lounging on a large sofa


Are you lucky to have a large living room? The corner sofa is essential! And in addition if it is blue, it will give originality and dynamism to your room. Perfect for your evenings with friends or family ...

19-Opt for a pretty Scandinavian armchair


Wood and duck blue… This association is undoubtedly the most widespread in Scandinavian interiors. So if you like this pretty mix, go for it and fall for a nice armchair that will find its place in your interior!

20-Take out a vintage lamp found in the attic


Very often, in the attics of our grannies, we find pretty little treasures ... If you are lucky to find a colorful and retro lamp base, adopt it without further delay. By putting a more modern lampshade, you will have a personalized and trendy lamp! It's the foot, right?


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