8 decor ideas for a shabby chic bathroom

8 decor ideas for a shabby chic bathroom

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1. A large vintage mirror with a patina in a shabby chic bathroom


Since you always need a large mirror in the bathroom, why not choose it vintage and with maximum character? Especially since finding a large retro mirror and not too expensive with beautiful flea market moldings is not very complicated. And regardless of the color, a good coat of matt white paint lightly sanded for the patinated effect guarantees the shabby chic style of the bathroom!

2. A shabby chic bathroom with mottled glass candy boxes


Need of storage in a shabby chic bathroom ? We are looking for candy boxes and other retro glass jars. In flea market or in the grandmother's attic, they are not difficult to find. They are also so trendy that many decoration brands offer them new! Filled with pearly shells, cotton balls or pretty colored soaps, they are as chic as they are practical, and much more refined than wicker baskets.

3. Pretty boxes mottled in a shabby chic bathroom


Some bathroom accessories benefit from remaining hidden, especially in a shabby chic bathroom romantic : dental floss or drugs are neither refined, delicate, nor even retro. The secret ? We recover pretty bargain boxes and we hide all the trivial objects. Be careful, all the same, if the bathroom is poorly ventilated, wooden, paper or metal boxes can be damaged! In this case, we choose rather imitations or we cover them with a special paper with retro patterns.

4. Retro taps for a shabby chic bathroom


Good news, the retro style is fashionable: there are golden, copper or black fittings with delicate shapes. Perfect for taps a shabby chic bathroom, and if in addition, we find a model with porcelain handles, it's decorative bingo. No question of sacrificing modern comfort on the shabby chic altar, on the other hand: retro taps are also available as a mixer tap, shower head or even shower head!

5. A claw foot tub in a shabby chic bathroom


Okay, you have to budget for it. But when we choose to decorate the bathroom in shabby chic, the foot bath and even ideally, the lion's feet bath is the must-have decoration! We don't hesitate to repaint the feet in white if they are not and we have the bathtub enthroned in the middle of the bathroom: on a parquet imitation tile, treated parquet or imitation cement tiles, we only sees her.

6. A shabby chic bathroom with a real chandelier


What could be more perfect to accompany the foot bath than a beautiful chandelier with pendants? Star of the shabby chic decor, it offers a playful and offbeat touch that changes everything in a bathroom. Especially since we can opt for a high-end version in crystal or for an inexpensive version unearthed in flea market, for a plain, bicolor or variegated chandelier, the result is just as impressive. Luxury bath guaranteed, even at low prices.

7. Country-style enamel accessories in a shabby chic bathroom


Want a country shabby chic bathroom ? We put on the old enameled accessories, white with their marine border. No need to rob the flea market or decoration stores, one or two accessories are enough to set the tone: a carafe, a jug, a bucket, a pot, each · e his choice. And when you don't really know what to do with them, you simply put them on a shelf or on a piece of furniture before putting a bouquet of dried flowers on them.

8. A rustic counter top basin for a shabby chic bathroom


As with the bathtub, the budget for changing the sink is more substantial. But as for the bathtub, the retro countertop basin has a beef effect in a shabby chic bathroom ! In stone, stoneware or porcelain, like farm sink or Victorian interior, rustic or refined, it brings a decorative touch, character and character. If, in addition, it accompanies a foot bath and walls covered with a patinated coating, we let you imagine.


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