Discovery of the new 2012/2013 collection signed Monoprix maison

Discovery of the new 2012/2013 collection signed Monoprix maison

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The new collection of Monoprix maison surprises the shelves. Juggling urban, poetic, design and retro inspirations, it offers a nice panel of cushions, dishes and accessories for all decorative tastes and for small budgets.

Snow white tableware

Monoprix ### The dishes will be whiter than white, and a bit of black on the edges, to give it relief. A super chic series available in mini casserole, bowl or sugar bowl!

Decorative cushions

Monoprix ### Designer model and black and white triangles line this beautiful pair of cushions in style.

Architectural mugs

Monoprix ### Houses in series drawn with precision or in an abstract way dress this range of architecturally beautiful mugs.

House cushion

Monoprix ### Same architectural inspiration for the cushion, which in turn displays diagrams of empty and colorful houses.

Design mugs

Monoprix ### A collection of mugs adorned with designer sketches, a chair, a chest of drawers, a pendant light? This should appeal to decoration lovers…

Designer kitchen tray

Monoprix ### Another 100% design favorite: a kitchen tray with infinite variation, all kinds of seat designs: soft armchairs, folding chairs, office seats, etc.

Vichy oven dishes

Monoprix ### The legendary red and white Vichy tiles interfered in the kitchen with oven dishes for an absolutely retro look.

Number 9 plates

Monoprix ### In place number 9 of our ranking: a series of numbered plates. Would the literate trend be abandoned in favor of numbers? Not sure ! The figures on each of them are indeed composed of sweet words written in capital letters or lowercase.

Tricolor storage jars

Monoprix ### In search of a kitchen container to store coffee, rice, flour and others, we spotted this elegant trio of freshly colored pots.


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