Architect's advice: how to separate the living room from the dining area?

Architect's advice: how to separate the living room from the dining area?

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It is increasingly rare today in our homes to find a living room without a table for meals. The lack of space no longer allows the row of living room, living room and dining room. The most adopted solution is then to harmoniously coexist the living and dining areas in a single volume. These two spaces have become complementary, but their functions are very distinct and still require a separation in order to create two atmospheres. How to create two atmospheres in an open space, while maintaining consistency between the two areas? And above all, while taking care to maintain good light, conviviality and a comfortable circulation space? Functional and decorative solutions exist.

Idea n ° 2: different floor coverings

Angélique BLANC ** This very large room of 10.90 mx 4.60 m intended for large families offers generous circulation spaces, essential for the comfort of the inhabitants. To compensate for the coldness of these spaces and offer two different atmospheres, the spaces are separated by changing the floor coverings. In the kitchen and dining area, large tiles are laid, and the parquet in the living room warms the atmosphere. The distinction of the zones is accentuated by the arrangement of the large sofa, perpendicular to the wall, and facing away from the kitchen. Finally, in order to let the light circulate and make the room even warmer in a natural spirit, a vegetable wall in driftwood is installed at the junction of the two floor coverings. **

Idea n ° 3: a kitchen island as a separation

Angélique BLANC ** For this 6m x 4.50m piece, we focus on design and functionality. The table and the sink are leaned against the partition, for reasons of gain of space and passage of the water pipes, and the other equipment and kitchen furniture are installed in island in the center of the room. It is this island, equipped with storage on the living room side thus avoiding projections on the floor during cooking, which creates the separation between the living room and the dining area. The room gains in conviviality and becomes a real place of sharing allowing everyone to participate in conversations during the preparation of meals. **

Idea n ° 4: a glass partition

Angélique BLANC ** This small room of 4.90 mx 4.90 m is located in a square, and therefore more difficult to arrange. Here, a thin partition is required to separate the living room from the dining area, in order to minimize the footprint. As the room only has one window, it is essential that the light reaches the living room. The installed partition is therefore glazed in the upper part, the glazing being maintained by a metallic structure, creating a loft atmosphere despite the small surface area of ​​the volume. The table will be chosen as narrow as possible, high, and surrounded by stools to accommodate more guests. And the decoration will be minimalist so as not to crush the volume. **


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