New Cyrillus collection: our selection at less than 60 euros

New Cyrillus collection: our selection at less than 60 euros

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The Cyrillus brand, well known for its chic and timeless style, completes its range of ready-to-wear, household linen and decorative items to elegantly dress its interior. This season, the brand is highlighting the Liberty motif, pastel colors and precious prints! Discover our selection for less than 60 euros

Liberty lampshade

Cyrillus A breath of Liberty is blowing through this new Cyrillus collection. Supporting proof with this lampshade which will find its place both in the children's room, in the entrance or even the living room. 55 euros

Glass candle holders

Cyrillus Soon spring! Objective: we quickly prepare our decoration list to be ready in fine weather. At the head, these pretty transparent glass candle jars which will serve both as candle holders but also as soliflores. 45 euros

Linen / Liberty pouch

Cyrillus Pouches are always practical and are to be placed everywhere in the house to store beautifully your keys, your elastic bands or even coins which have the annoying tendency to hang around the house. 12.90 euros

Gingham bed linen for children

Cyrillus Mini tiles for maximum decoration! This bed set reserved for children is available in pink for little girls and in blue for little guys, like that no jealous! 49.90 euros

Reversible Liberty cushion cover

Cyrillus An association of patterns which skillfully mixes Liberty prints with dots or stars. 19.90 euros

Nuée Florale bed set

Cyrillus Here is a very spring bed set in soft and vibrant colors that will distill a note of tenderness in the bedroom. 59.90 euros

Beach mattress

Cyrillus This beach mattress, in a futon spirit, is perfect for comfortably savoring the sun. It comes with a matching canvas bag that can be used later. 59.90 euros

Deck chair

Cyrillus The timeless wooden lounge chair always sits proudly in the garden from the first rays of sun. Its thick canvas is removable and washable! 49.90 euros


Cyrillus To decorate, travel, store ... this suitcase with vintage patterns will be essential. It is sold with a matching cotton pouch. 29.90 euros


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