A green plant to brighten up my decor

A green plant to brighten up my decor

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As you have probably noticed, green plants brighten up any room once installed. Living room, bathroom, kitchen, do not hesitate to bring a touch of nature in each of them. In winter as in summer they are good for morale ... provided you take good care of them. To help you choose the right one, get inspired.

In trio

If you prefer small plants to large, build on the accumulation to create a small natural corner. We love this original composition where designer watering cans take the role of plant pots.

A touch of elegance

Have you thought of the orchid to bring elegance to your interior design? On the coffee table in the living room or on the edge of a fireplace, it does everything once placed in a pretty plant pot.

Asian inspiration

This Asian-inspired living room also has its own touch of greenery. This green plant posted in the middle of the coffee table awakens dark wooden furniture. Think about it!

Zen decor

Zen and natural decor would be nothing without one or more green plants to accompany it. So in the middle of the stone Buddhas and pebbles, slide a few galva pots that blend very well with this type of style.

Nature in the kitchen

Do not neglect green plants in the kitchen because they can be very decorative. This little banana tree is the touch of life in this room with very cold gray metal furniture. You can also sow several aromatic plants in a large pot, which will come in handy when preparing the meal.

Small shrubs

No longer only reserved for the garden or the terrace, small shrubs take over our interior decoration. In a living room that plays on raw materials such as wood or iron and antiques, they find their place without any problem and even give the impression of being in a small vintage garden.

To decorate the entrance

If you want to decorate your entrance without installing furniture, the green plant is therefore all found. We advise you to opt for a large plant to brighten up a rather considerable space.

Natural decor in the bathroom

In a large bathroom with natural decoration, it is essential to install one or more green plants. We particularly like the choice of these two large pots that structure the decor.

Slice with a sober decor

This campaign-inspired living room in sober colors is very elegant, but the color touch that brings it all up, these are these two pretty green plants installed at the end of the sofa and on a small side table. They then become real decorative elements not to be overlooked! More ideas here


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