Original advent calendar: 20 cool and homemade ideas

Original advent calendar: 20 cool and homemade ideas

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1. An original advent calendar on a hanger


A original and cheap advent calendar, it exists. The method ? We get a very wide wooden hanger, we stick 24 wooden clothespins to it, then we leave it raw or we paint the whole, according to taste. Then just stick or draw a number on each clothespin before hanging a small gift!

2. An original advent calendar on a branch


Want a original advent calendar with a natural spirit ? We make a real wall decoration with a large solid branch and a long string attached to each end and then suspended from a solid nail. With a string of sachets adorned with a number, simply hanging with cords of different lengths, guaranteed effect!

3. An original advent calendar with clothespins


Difficult to make simpler than 24 clothespins glued on a support for make an original advent calendar! Good tips? We choose the color of the clothespins according to the theme of the decor. And we adapt the support according to what we have on hand: a salvage board, a piece of fabric or even cardboard. With a number and a nice cloth bag, each clip is a gift!

4. An original folding advent calendar


Creative hobbyists, it's up to you. To create a original paper advent calendar, fill up with Canson® or other thick paper of several colors. We make or download a pattern, cut and fold to obtain 24 small houses, we draw doors, windows and number on it… then we compose a snowy Christmas decor before slipping a gift under each house!

5. An original advent calendar in drawers


The mini dressers with drawers, we find everywhere for not very expensive. The only difficulty will be to find one with at least 24 drawers! For a original homemade advent calendar, all you have to do is paint the drawers and the bottom, change the door knobs if necessary and add a number before filling the drawers. If there are more than 24 drawers, we simply remove the extra ones! The advent calendar can even be used again the following year, why not by repainting it.

6. An original fabric advent calendar


Sometimes the package counts more than the medium. Why not create a original advent calendar with pretty cloth bags ? We recycle scraps of Christmas fabric, we cut rounds or we sew real pockets to decorate with a number drawn, sewn or glued. Then slip a small gift inside before closing them with a ribbon, to hang on the edge of the fireplace, on the edges of a frame or even put on the ground!

7. An original advent calendar cut out


A thick white paper, scissors or a cutter, a ruler and glue, at work: for a Christmas that changes, we literally sculpt a original advent calendar by making little white houses. For the most gifted, we cut windows, to save time, glue or draw them… 24 houses of different sizes and 24 numbers printed and then pasted later, all that remains is to slide a small gift in every house.

8. An original recycled advent calendar


An original and natural advent calendar that smells of fir, does that speak to you? We recycle a real branch of fir tree hanging on the wall, we hang kraft bags recovered after the races, we decorate with felt pens or scraps of glued paper. After you have filled the pockets with small homemade or salvage gifts, hang them on the branch with string ... salvage, of course. A chic and eco-friendly decor with a few Christmas subjects and a LED garland!

9. An original express advent calendar


With a big rope stretched between two pieces of furniture or two beams, we tinker a original advent calendar quickly: just hang the 24 small Christmas packages with clothespins. The extra thing? We put on the red and natural mixture with a brown rope, kraft paper, red ribbons and red paper hearts glued on the clothespins. Without forgetting the red numbers on the packages!

10. An original rustic advent calendar


No time for an overly complicated Christmas scene? We opt for an original advent calendar of country spirit with a weathered wooden case or an old market basket. We carefully wrap the gifts with nice paper, add a label with the numbers and put everything in the box, it's ready.

11. An original advent calendar to plant


The original forest-style advent calendar, it's as simple as cardboard triangles. We cut them out of cardboard or paper, we write on each a phrase of inspiration, a kind word or a short poem. On the other side, we draw the number, then we tape them on wooden skewers and we plant everything in a flowerpot playing on the heights. It's chic, it's original and it's ultra-personalized.

12. A calendar of the original recovery advent


The original antigaspi advent calendar, it's him ! With children's small pots, we do wonders by repainting the pots in green, the lids in red and sticking a label with a number on them. Just put a candy in each jar, tie a string at the base of the lid and hang everything on a hanger, in several rows.

13. An original advent calendar in camembert boxes


Okay, we're going to have to eat 24 pie charts by Christmas. But once the boxes are emptied, you can cover them with scraps of gift paper, add a number, then stick them side by side on a large cut out cardboard shape. Fir, star, crown, anything is possible for a original advent calendar in recycled boxess… all that remains is to fill the boxes and hang or place the cardboard form!

14. An original advent calendar tree


With scrap boards and a few screws, we make a cheap DIY Christmas tree that makes an impact. Why not transform into original advent calendar ? Again, for three times nothing, since it suffices to hang the packages on planted nails or on glued clothespins! And we don't forget, of course, the numbers on the gift packs.

15. An original advent calendar in garland


And if we used a original advent calendar as Christmas decor ? Directly wound on a string and then closed with a numbered sticker, the packages form a more or less long garland depending on the size of the gifts. Hanging on the wall on nails, it is as original as it is elegant! The right idea? We use kraft bags for the packages, which unify the result without overloading the decor.

16. An original advent calendar to eat


Bake Christmas shortbread, decorate them with numbers, wrap them in cellophane or leave them as they are ... and here is a original and edible advent calendar. We love it, since it is enough to store everything in a metal Christmas box in which the children will come to search until they find the right number.

17. An original advent calendar with pockets


For those who master the sewing machine, the original fabric advent calendar is the must. Not only can we choose the fabric according to the desires or the decor theme, but we can also personalize it with various applications and pockets of the desired size! The principle is simple, a rectangle of fabric hung on a baguette, on which are applied pockets to number and fill. It's your turn.

18. An original natural advent calendar


A original, DIY and natural advent calendar ? We stack the surprises in a nice woven basket, after wrapping them in recycled paper. And for more style, we cut Christmas shapes from paper, from boots to stars, we place a candy between two identical shapes and we sew all around with the machine. All you have to do is draw a number and put it in the tote basket!

19. An original design advent calendar


Make an original advent calendar, it's sometimes as simple as finding an original place to hang the packages. And you might as well say that with fabric pockets decorated with stars, directly attached to a designer stair railing, the effect is stunning! Children can look up the number every morning when they go downstairs for breakfast.

20. An improvised original advent calendar


Christmas is coming ? Quick, we improvise a 100% recovered advent calendar with all the empty pots in the kitchen. Glass, plastic or metal, jam jar, jar or bucket, we recycle while repainting those who need it, before hanging a numbered label on each jar. Once the gifts have been slipped into the jars, they are placed on a shelf for an unusual display!


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