Practical partitions to separate spaces

Practical partitions to separate spaces

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Small spaces also have the right to see things big: we are inspired by large interiors to recreate at home, in our studio or two-room, personalized atmospheres. Partitions, partitions, Japanese panels, curtains, furniture ... all solutions are good for creating different zones within its space, as small as it is.

A colorful partition

Paragraph The partitioning of spaces in a small interior can also be done by colors. Here two very distinct zones allow you to quickly understand where you are. Bright and warm colors for the bedroom-living room found in decorative objects, while in the bathroom, pop colors are there for difficult mornings.

A movable partition

Ikéa Between the dining room and the living room, we choose a piece of furniture on casters which also serves as storage: dishes, cookbooks, TV program and other remote controls find refuge there, according to their uses. Small in size, it allows to separate without enclosing.

A partition for many

Ikéa Who says student and small space, sometimes says life in community or in shared accommodation. We therefore think of installing curtains that create real privacy when they are drawn for those who do not want to always share everything! Dark colors calm a decoration already loaded with color and allow you to sleep in the dark.

An intangible partition

Ikéa Without curtains, without furniture or any other too material object, we prick in large spaces the idea of ​​floor cushions. Like paint or carpets, we delimit areas without closing the space or losing brightness.

An exterior partition

Ikéa The colored screens are also a real solution for separating two spaces. We transpose these partitions inside to create zones within the space in complete freedom. Patterns, colors and gaiety are there for an interior full of good humor.

A modular partition

Library paragraph one day, dining table the next, the cubes are stacked to create dozens of combinations. We also make a partition between the office and the bedroom, but also a coffee table or a storage wall.

A partition under a loft bed

Ikea The mezzanine bed is the second solution, with the sofa bed for very small spaces. It is not a question of not talking about decoration, storage or privacy. As at Ikéa, we choose panels to install under his bed to create a delimitation.

A light partition

Heytens Installed as curtains, the Japanese panels allow you to hide without losing brightness. Installed in the middle of the room, thanks to a rail system, they become a discreet but useful partition. Easy to install, they have the advantage of being available in all styles.

A multiple partition

Ikéa To separate the bedroom from the common part of your small apartment, you can play all the cards at once: a bookcase on the stack side, a dressing room on the front and a curtain between the two to indicate the separation.


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