White parquet: 7 ideas to adopt it at home

White parquet: 7 ideas to adopt it at home

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1. In the master bedroom


The first way to adopt white parquet at home is to install it in a room for a light and delicate atmosphere. Let's start with the master bedroom (more commonly known as the bedroom when you don't have children). Make this space a haven of peace by first integrating light colors on the floor and on your walls. Suitable for daydreaming, white is the color by elegance to adopt urgently in your room. In addition, white parquet goes well with absolutely all colors. You will never tire of it!

2. In a child's room


To furnish the future bedroom of your children, white is essential. Colors that you can decorate with more colorful shades when decorating the room, white has the gift of lighting up a room. And if your child can not decide on the choice of colors, it is a neutral shade that will go as well with a piece of sky blue wall as a yellow carpet or a powder pink chair. Ideal for transforming the bedroom into a cozy little cocoon. Finally, white is synonymous with calm and serenity, perfect for a child's room.

3. In a kitchen


Light on the kitchen! White parquet in particular, bright or aged, has the gift of going with any type of decor. It is a safe bet. Scandinavian, shabby chic, industrial or country style, white parquet fits perfectly into our interiors, especially in a kitchen. You just have to choose the furniture that goes with it. And there, the choice can be difficult since white goes with any type of furniture. With a kitchen clad in white parquet, you will not leave it as it will be stylish!

4. In a living room


The living room, a real living room, must be furnished with the greatest care. The atmosphere you want to create must be carefully thought out, because you will be spending time in your living room. Aperitifs with friends, movie evenings with children, romantic meal trays, family moments ... in short, the decor of your living room should be great, starting with the floor. And for a modern and design interior, we have THE solution: white parquet! Very easy to furnish, a room with white parquet will offer well-being and relaxation to those who want to relax… Sensational success!

5. In an office area


And yes, you will understand, the white parquet really fits into any room, including your small office area. And as a bonus, white has the gift of illuminating the spaces where it is present, the roof to work in excellent conditions, good light being essential for an office. Perfect marriage between white parquet and Scandinavian decor for this little desk above! So what are you waiting for to (re) make your office floor?

6. In a bathroom


Again, we advise you to install parquet and not any color, white parquet! A bathroom with light, bright and cheerful colors is an elegant and successful bathroom. Taking care of the decoration of this room is not negligible. Then match the white with a nice colorful bath mat and some green plants, and voila: your bathroom is splendid!

7. Loft style


Finally, if you can't decide in which room the white parquet will go best, why not put it everywhere? Loft style, cover the entire floor, from the living room to the bedroom, passing through the kitchen, so as to create continuity in your interior. With white parquet, you are free to mix the moods as you see fit. Colors, materials, shapes, it's up to you to dress your interior in a trendy way…


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