10 very decorative garden chairs

10 very decorative garden chairs

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What would the garden be without a chair to bask in the sun? Whether around a table for meals or in a simple relaxation area, we suggest you discover 10 chairs to choose according to your style. Nature, pop or design, you just have to choose.

Pop chairs

Castorama To bring color to the garden, we will bet on a pop style with plastic chairs with very colorful design shapes. Do not hesitate to mix colors for a fresh and very summery spirit in your garden.

Design chairs

Ikea If you want to relax in your garden, choose these models between the deckchair and the traditional chair. These chairs have a very modern metal design and are adorned with a green color to remind the nature of the garden.

Chairs for an industrial look

Castorama To give an industrial touch to your garden or your terrace, you will put on metal chairs in a mat finish. To keep a contemporary spirit, choose modern lines with curved armrests to soften the whole.

Nature ambiance chairs

Castorama If you want to install a few chairs in the shade of the plane trees to enjoy your garden, choose a natural style with wooden chairs that will blend in with the decor.

Bistro-style chairs

Maisons du monde To sit in the garden and quench your thirst, take the example on the café terraces and choose very light and foldable metal furniture that can be installed everywhere. For a more summery touch, we will opt for colorful models.

Romantic chairs

Maisons du monde To sit in the garden and read some poems, you need romantic garden furniture! For this, choose a wrought iron chair with scrolls that do not hesitate to form hearts. For comfort, don't forget to add a nice white cushion.

Playful chairs

Alinéa If you remember the plastic chairs that are often found in campsites, know that you can find this furniture in a revisited and playful version. The new design rejuvenates the chairs and the color brings them a trendy touch to be on top on the terrace!

Chairs for an exotic style

Maisons du monde Do you want to escape? Bet on exotic wooden chairs that will transport you to distant lands. We offer these comfortable chairs ideal for relaxing thanks to their wooden legs and canvas seats.

Chairs to see life in color

Leroy Merlin For your garden chairs to integrate easily into your decor, remember to match the colors of these to the vegetation. Why not bet on purple chairs to meet the flowers?


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