The same for less: cushions that have style

The same for less: cushions that have style

You flashed on a pretty cushion but, after a first glance at the label, you are speechless? Because in decoration, prices can quickly reach heights, we have found models of original, graphic, colorful, polka dot, Tie and Dye and even gourmet cushions, for all budgets.

Cushion Yummy Woouf 39 euros / Cushion Tray Hello my Cushion 24 euros

Woouf - Hello my Yum cushion! We make only a mouthful of these cushions full of delights. On the right, Woouf signs a model strong in donuts, to make a Homer Simpson fade with envy… And on the left, it is the trays of our childhood that make us melt with envy. What delicacies will you succumb to?

Remix Ferm Living cushion 67.50 euros / Multicolor cushion Les 3 Suisses 9.99 euros

Ferm Living - 3 Suisses Adopt the graphic spirit for a decor in Scandinavian colors. On the right, one of the flagship models of Ferm Living, timeless. And on the left, his cousin, seen among the 3 Swiss.

Maison Georgette cushion 45 euros / Tye Conforama cushion 9.99 euros

Maison Georgette - Conforama The Tie and Dye is back in force this summer! If you like this trend and want to adopt it at home, without changing the whole decor, here are two pretty cushions that do not go unnoticed. All you have to do is choose: Tie and Dye horizontal or vertical!

Damn Cushion The Cherry on the Cake 40 euros / See Life in Pink Cushion Maisons du Monde 9.99 euros

The Cherry on the Cake - Maisons du Monde Peas or nothing! By strolling on the site of La Cerise sur le Gâteau, you fell in love with the neon pink polka dots of the Zut cushion, but you quickly became disillusioned by seeing its price… No panic, we found its twin, version low price, at Houses of the world.

Dot Hay cushion 75 euros / 3 Suisses button cushion 15.99 euros

Hay - 3 Swiss Simple but charming. These little cushions have it all: pleasant colors, neat finishes and a pretty button in the center. As comfortable on a sofa as on an armchair, these cushions conquered us. You too ?

Pictar Ohh Deer cushion 55 euros / Laeda La Redoute cushion 9.99 euros

Ohh Deer - The Pixelated Redoubt. Fancy colors and graphic patterns? We have found two trendy cushions. The first, pop in bright colors, and the second, in more pastel and more affordable tones.

Urban Outfitters Mexican skull cushion 49 euros / Dia de muertos Maisons du Monde cushion 25.99 euros

Urban Outfitters - Maisons du Monde A skull, yes, but colorful and festive! Inspired by the icons that can be seen on the Day of the Dead, in Mexico, these two cushions have in common originality and bright colors. The only difference? The price. Like that, you see.

Eiffel Cushion La Cerise sur le Gâteau 40 euros / Eiffel Cushion 3 Suisses 7.99 euros

The Cherry on the Cake - 3 Suisses Paris, my love ... For lovers of the Capital, here are two cushions with all Parisian charm. They have in common a beautiful iron lady: under cover for the model of La Cerise sur le Gâteau and which imposes some among the 3 Swiss.

Aristo Cat Cushion Ferm Living 34 euros / Fox Cushion Les 3 Suisses 9.99 euros

Ferm Living - 3 Suisses And for our little ones, we adopt these cushions adorned with funny animals, core is not it? Whether your little one is more of a cat, a fox or even an elephant, there is something for all tastes and all budgets, so it's up to you to find your favorite.