10 inspirations for a little boy's room

10 inspirations for a little boy's room

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Baby has grown up and you are out of inspiration for his new bedroom decoration? Do not panic, we have thought of everything! Deco pirate, adventurer, retro, industrial, your little blond heads also have the right to well worked universes. Here are 10 photos to help you find the right one!

Blue paneling

La Redoute This little boy's room has incredible charm with its blue paneling placed on a section of wall. To give the room the impression of being larger, think above all of placing it horizontally!

A former school desk

AM PM If you like the retro style and want to adopt it even in your little one's bedroom, bet on an old school desk accompanied by its small bench.

Boat on water

Delamaison Pirate ship or fisherman ship? It's up to your little boy to decide according to his imagination of the moment! And to give it the impression of sailing on the waves, we add on the walls of the room stickers that look like little waves.

Green furniture

Ikéa Dare to use colors less common than blue and red in your little boy's room. We succumb to this green furniture which could very well flow on a forest walk style.


AM PM A timeless motif that appeals to children and adults alike, the star easily finds its place in a little boy's room. Stickers on the wall, bed linen, drawings on the shelves, don't be afraid of the total look!

Funny accessories

Ikea To give your little boy's room an original style, collect children's accessories everywhere. Cloud suspension, cicada lamp, small numbered baskets and plush toys placed on shelves create the decor.

Cabin by the sea

Maisons du Monde Easy to imagine seafaring stories in this bed that looks like a small seaside cabin. And to stay in the theme until the end, get large wicker trunks in which your child can drag all of his toys.


Maisons du Monde Not just for adults, the American campus style is also perfectly suited to the world of a little boy. In terms of decoration, we of course put on bed linen and accessories in the colors of the flag of the United States.


Maisons du Monde If your little boy has the soul of an adventurer, here is a list of accessories to quickly get hold of: a carpet covered with a map of the world, large travel trunks for storing his toys, and a bedside table which looks like a small suitcase.