Architect's advice: how to arrange a square room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange a square room?

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The bedroom is the most intimate and peaceful room in the house. We dream there, sleep, read, converse and sometimes work. This room must therefore bring serenity and comfort, like a real bubble of rest intended to rejuvenate us. Since an average third of our life is devoted to sleep, the layout and decoration of the bedroom cannot be overlooked. The easiest rooms to fit out are those of square or rectangular shapes. The rectangular shape guides the layout, most often the bed will be positioned lengthwise. The square shape offers more freedom, and therefore requires a little more thought.

Square room n ° 2: a multifunction surface

Angélique BLANC This square room, 4.20 m wide, offers a very nice multifunction surface. A large dressing room occupies a whole section of wall, with retractable wardrobe, in order to exploit all the height with storage. The surface of the room allowing it, the bed, the main element of the room, is positioned as an island. Its structure is refined here, and the canopy gives it an air of contemporary throne. The bed has plenty of storage space under the bed base, and shelves at the head of the bed for placing reading lamps and books. It is extended by a desk of the same structure, bed and desk being only one and the same piece of furniture. Finally, a large mirror is placed on the floor near the window, contributing to the impression of space.

Square room n ° 3: a cozy cocoon

Angélique BLANC In this small square room of 3.20 mx 3.20 m, the classic access door has been replaced by a sliding door to compensate for the lack of space and the impression of smallness of the room, and allow install a 160 cm wide bed while maintaining a comfortable circulation corridor. This room is arranged like a cozy little cocoon. The bed takes on the air of an alcove thanks to the storage units surrounding it. What cannot be placed on the ground for lack of space that can be placed in height, the wall is dressed in shelves and storage cubes over its entire height. A space-saving solution allowing TV fans to take up a little space in the clothing storage area to install a TV screen.

Square bedroom n ° 4: a large dressing room

Angélique BLANC This square room, 4 m square, is ideal for a couple wishing a very contemporary interior design with sleek and design lines, and having an imposing wardrobe. The 160 cm bed is positioned in the center of the room. It is stripped of the traditional bedside tables here replaced by two shelves painted the same color as the headboard. The latter is a simple high partition to visually obscure the dressing room. This large walk-in closet, knowing how to be very discreet at the back of the room, occupies the entire height of the wall and has all the essential equipment (retractable wardrobe, drawers of different sizes, shoe rack, sliding doors or fitted with mirrors ...).


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