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New Hema products for the start of the 2015 school year

New Hema products for the start of the 2015 school year

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With Hema, no more back-to-school stress and bad taste in the school bag! Notebooks, kits, pens or other pockets ... the brand offers for its back to school a collection of vitamin, fun and graphic supplies. On the menu of novelties: pop colors, small bow ties, a few pineapples here and there and beautiful boards. Nice discovery!


Hema Parrots, stylized flowers and trendy plants are invited to our notebooks for an exotic comeback at will. We crack!


Hema Gums in the shape of pineapples, flip flops, sunglasses or fish? A micro-trend, maxi deco, that we like to adopt both for work and for beautiful weather. See rather!

Color Block!

Hema Tired of classic school supplies in sober and impersonal colors? Fall for these ultra-vitamin highlighters! They will certainly bring a little cheerfulness and fantasy to your daily life!


Hema Otherwise, you can also fall in love with these gourmet and exotic stamps at will! They will give you the opportunity to customize your agenda and notebooks easily and inexpensively.


Hema These two small aesthetic and practical notebooks will delight all lovers of small knots. Multiplied or in XXL version it's up to you! One thing is certain, they will not leave you indifferent!

So romantic!

Hema Having trouble telling him how much he means to you? Take the plunge and let your emotions speak by offering him this pretty kit.


Hema Pastel tones, adorable patterns, warm softness… it was enough for this binder and this pocketbook to make us fall in love!

Sea side

Hema We love the simple lines, modern calligraphy, as well as the soft and well-chosen nuances of these stamps largely inspired by the sea and the beach!


Hema Skilled skaters will enjoy discovering these pretty ultra-trendy spiral notebooks. An original way to share your passion for skateboarding with your little friends!


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