Alina Preciado's industrial loft in Brooklyn

Alina Preciado's industrial loft in Brooklyn

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In the Brooklyn district of New York, the founder of the decoration site transformed an old carpentry dating from the 1890s into a spacious loft with eclectic decoration. Discover the places in pictures!


Chris A. Dorsey Wood stove, vintage leather sofa from the 60s, immaculate armchairs and a mottled ladder in a warehouse furnish the living room.

Retrieve '

Chris A. Dorsey This workbench, recovered from the former carpenter's workshop of the previous owner, fits perfectly with the raw and Arty aspect of Alina's loft.

Character pieces

Chris A. Dorsey Inspired by the genius of the place, Alina has sublimated the space by integrating contemporary pieces with other older ones. This graphic metal armchair or this very refined plum chaise longue attests to this.

Glass globes

Chris A. Dorsey The philosophy of Alina Preciado is represented here through these pretty glass globes mixing old and modern pieces, objects created or found. A philosophy that she applies to distilling here and there in her loft.


Chris A. Dorsey The highlight of the show? This hammock with metal bar located in the living room, very popular with children and Alina since she spends a lot of time there.


Chris A. Dorsey Change of decor in the kitchen where Alina has selected traditional furniture in dark shades. Gorgeous !


Chris A. Dorsey Alina created a feeling of comfort and intimacy by imagining his bedroom in a "box" placed in a corner of the huge living room. Open on two sides, the room is insulated by large curtains.

Simplicity and authenticity

Chris A. Dorsey The sobriety and classic charm of the room were awakened by a palette of noble materials and vibrant colors. Between tradition and modernity, Alina has created a space of certain refinement where she takes pleasure in living and escaping.


Chris A. Dorsey A few touches of greenery, ethnic decorative elements brought back from Alina's travels are enough to accentuate the Zen side of the bathroom. This makes us travel in a natural and warm setting imbued with great serenity.