Tratti: the new collection of tiles by Inga Sempè for Mutina

Tratti: the new collection of tiles by Inga Sempè for Mutina

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New recruit of the designer team behind the Italian ceramic brand, Mutina, Inga Sempè signs Tratti - "traits" in Italian - a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles. Composed of three basic neutral colors, associated with eight delicate patterns, the collection thus makes it possible to create a multitude of decorative combinations, for floors and walls. Presentation.

Inga Sempè, French designer with a flawless journey

Mutina New member of the Mutina team, artist and designer Inga Sempé signs Tratti, a collection of porcelain stoneware tiles, covered with subtle patterns like pencils. Born in Paris into a family of artists, Inga Sempè became interested in drawing very early. Graduated from the ENSCI Atelier (National School of Industrial Creation of Paris) in 1993, she then worked in different design and interior architecture studios. In 2000, she opened her first studio in Paris. In 2003, she received the Grand Prix de Paris for creation for design and presented her first solo exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Since then, the designer has collaborated with the French brand Ligne Roset and international companies such as LucePlan, Wästberg, Mustache, Alessi, Hay, Svenkst Tenn or Cassina.

Tratti: a collection of tiles mixing neutral colors and subtle patterns

Mutina Three neutral colors - blanco, beige, grigio - and eight subtle patterns, like pencils - Epi, Acqua, Cross, Felt, Triple, Line, Cross, Third - make up Tratti. What create a multitude of combinations. As the designer indicates, each model refers to a different universe: fields seen from the sky, pieces of fabric, embroidery, symbols of cartographic legends, or architectural models…

Cross patterns

Mutina Favorite for the "Crossed" motif, which offers a gentle variation of the cross for a simple and poetic hatched design. In terms of dimensions, each tile measures 10 by 10 centimeters, for eight millimeters in thickness.

Acqua and Felt: colors and patterns to combine

Mutina All patterned tiles have prints: simple or geometric lines that seem hand-drawn. Thus, all associations are allowed.

Croix et Epi: graphic patterns

Mutina In addition to our crush on "Croisée", we also love the patterns "Croix" and "Epi", two graphic models as desired, recalling respectively the little crosses of the crabs from our childhood, and a drawing of a tree or feather.

Third: a mix of parallel and perpendicular lines

Mutina As for it, Tiers offers a design combination of parallel lines, a third of the way down, then perpendicular lines over the entire remaining surface.

Triple: a geometric pattern

Mutina With Triple, Inga Sempè has once again played the geometry card to create a slightly trompe l'oeil tile. Indeed, from a central point, each tile is divided into thirds and from this point, a multitude of parallel lines escape towards the ends.

Mix Scuro: a mix for a complete collection

Mutina For even more possibilities and decorative associations, the range is completed by three mixed packs - like Mix Scuro - which contain different models, which can be combined randomly, endlessly.

Mix Chiaro: a mix of subtle patterns

Mutina Between the Triple, Line and Cross patterns, Chiaro blurs the tracks for an ultra trendy decorative rendering, which will do wonders in a vintage interior.


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