Californian style in 10 lessons

Californian style in 10 lessons

Openings to the outside with large bay windows, a sleek white decor, a rectilinear architecture are all elements that will immerse you in the heart of the Californian style. Writing gives you 10 lessons to adopt this decoration to perfection!

A large terrace

Adelto For dinners with friends, moments of family relaxation, the large terraces are always fun! Open and without limits on the garden and the swimming pool, thanks to this space you will think you are in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

Large, spacious rooms

April and may studio - Design Mag In terms of interior design, we focus on large tables and large, airy spaces.

Very warm furniture

Nature first green is gold - House beautiful Clean, design but warm! Dress your living room with large enveloping sofas, throws, cushions, and wooden tables to bring warmth and conviviality.

Leather armchairs

Ashley Bruhn You can also play with leather by betting on contemporary sofas or even on designer armchairs like this lounge model by Charles Eames.

Wood and steel in decoration

Deco Demon - Deco Crush Materials such as steel and wood are widely used in these large houses! For the kitchen, the office, the chairs or the walls, they bring a touch of warmth and modernity to your interior.

Clear colors

ScandimagDeco To avoid feeling suffocated, light colors are to be preferred. They bring a lot of brightness and freshness in your rooms.

Ethnic patterns

Laure Joliet Cultivate the bohemian atmosphere of your decor by adding here and there a few pieces of ethnic furniture and accessories. Here, we remember the poufs, the printed cushions and the leopard skin installed as a carpet.

A bohemian rug

Ashley Bruhn No way to forget the bohemian carpet in a Californian-inspired interior! Colorful or sober, it's up to you!

Retro decor

Tessa Neustadt Finally, in the bedroom as in the living room and the bathroom, dare to mix styles by associating bohemian and ethnic accessories with some vintage pieces, if possible in wood.