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Beige: 20 ways to integrate it into your interior

Beige: 20 ways to integrate it into your interior

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1. On a wall


Beige fits perfectly into our interiors starting with the walls. If you are in the middle of the work and you do not know what color to repaint your walls, think of beige! Obviously, if you do not want to repaint all your walls in beige, nothing prevents you from covering only one or two sections of walls of this color. In a bedroom or in a living room, beige brings a feeling of well-being thanks to its light and soft shade.

2. Beige curtains


Another way to integrate beige into its interior: curtains. Bring a little touch of beige by installing curtains of this color. This pretty shade goes with any other color and fits into any style of decor. And then, nothing prevents you one day from changing your curtains if the color no longer suits you!

3. On a sofa


If you are furnishing your interior or redoing your decor, don't hesitate for a second on the beige sofa! And for an even more canon rendering, arrange your sofa in front of an imposing wall as above so that it brings out the sofa in the room.

4. In bed linen


Beige is also an excellent color for bedding. And to make the rendering even prettier, don't hesitate to mix shades like this bed covered with several sets of different colors.

5. Macrame


Here, make way for the decor! Nothing like beige to dress up its interior, here its walls. Macramés have been on the rise lately and there are many different shapes, sizes and colors. And if you like DIY, you can even make your own macrame. Frames, shelves, posters, macrame, sprinkle a few touches of beige for a great rendering.

6. On a vase


Other decorative elements: the vases. With or without flowers inside, the vases are real deco pieces alone. Today, we find it in all rooms and all colors! In stoneware, glass, porcelain, round, square, large, wide, fine ... you are spoiled for choice. Arrange some beige vases on a console, your coffee table, your bedside table or a wall shelf and your interior is nicely decorated.

7. Headboard


What could be more elegant than a beige headboard? Enthroned in the middle of the room, your bed just needs to be covered with beautiful sheets but also with a pretty headboard. The beige color is a safe bet becauseboth discreet and elegant, you will not tire of it anytime soon.

8. In a child's room


Children also have the right to a well-decorated room. Beige has the advantage of being neutral and therefore will not tire your children who grow up quickly and change tastes quickly.

9. On the ground


Another way to integrate beige into your interior: cover the floor with parquet or from floor tile of that color. Discreet, clear and light, beige is a perfect color for the floor.

10. Beige on the cushions


Whether on the sofa or in a bed, the cushions are both decorative and relaxing elements. Indeed, the cushions must be chosen with care as much in the choice of the shape as in that of the material and the color. So to be sure not to tire of the color of your cushions quickly, you opt for neutral shades like beige ! In addition, this color has the advantage of integrating perfectly on any sofa (or bed).

11. Bath towels


Head to the bathroom! Another way to integrate beige into your home is to choose bath sheets of this color. By choosing beige, be sure you can integrate it without worries with the colors of your furniture and your decor.

12. Napkins


Putting the cover on when you receive is all the more pleasant when the dishes, the tablecloths and the napkins match. To make your table decor simple and chic, opt for light beige towels

13. Pretty cotton or linen tablecloth


Who says napkins, says tablecloth! We recommend that you have, in addition to your other tablecloths, a nice beige cotton or linen tablecloth when you invite your family, your friends or you plan to set the table for a candlelit meal

14. Table decoration


From the vase, to the table runners passing by the small basket, think of connect your table decoration for a canon rendering!

15. Decorative basket


Include small touches of beige in your interior design, starting with the living room, real living room. After the vase, the macramé and the cushions, make way for the small beige decorative basket. Place it next to your sofa to put magazines, plaids, books…

16. Carpet


To continue integrating beige into its interior, also think about change your carpet in this color. Round, square, rectangle, what matters is the color!

17. Cocooning armchair


Winter is coming to an end and what could be nicer than being able to curl up warm in a armchair as stylish as it is comfortable ? Again, beige is synonymous with softness and well-being, perfect for pairing instant cocooning

18. Soft plaid style


Essential element of idleness and relaxation, the plaid is essential to have absolutely at home! On the sofa on an armchair or on the bed, choose beige for your plaid.

19. Beige on your chairs


If beige fits absolutely everywhere, head for the kitchen with pretty chairs of this shade. A touch of beige and your kitchen is hot in the blink of an eye!

20. For the Christmas decor


Finally, Christmas is fast approaching and it's time to bring out the Christmas decorations and dress your tree in the most beautiful balls! In garlands, in balls, in small figurines, beige is a pretty color for bring the magic of Christmas home


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