Roundness and elegance in the bathroom

Roundness and elegance in the bathroom

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To create a bubble of softness in the bathroom, the roundness is ideal! Suggested by furniture or decorative objects, it brings a certain idea of ​​comfort and soothes the eye. In a word: the curve is the ally of a piece dedicated to relaxation. Here are some ideas to bring roundness into your interior.

Banished angles

Lapeyre In this bathroom, right angles don't have the last word! On the contrary, this very practical bathroom furniture rounds the corners just like the mirror which offers lighter corners.

An all round mirror

Castorama What if your mirror looked like a porthole? Opt for this for a round model and make it respond to a small oval sideboard where you will place your clean towels.

Roundness and pop atmosphere

Castorama Know that roundness also finds its place in a more colorful style. For a pop atmosphere where yellow will be in the spotlight, don't forget a few touches of roundness by placing an extra round stool.

A romantic piece

Webert For a romantic atmosphere in the bathroom, choose a beautiful round basin and opt for a large oval mirror that is sure to remind those of fairy tales. Choose soft colors to decorate everything.

A Zen bathroom

Villeroy and Boch Zen atmosphere guaranteed with this bathroom, the main elements of which, like the bathtub and the basin, recall the roundness of Ying and Yang. In balance, the whole brings a lot of lightness to the bathroom.

A game of contrast

Sanindusa Note that you can also accentuate the roundness of an object by opposing very geometric lines to the image of this original basin which finds its place on a rectangular piece of furniture with very graphic right angles.

Roundness and purity

Porcelanosa In this bathroom, there is little but the main elements find grace in the roundness. The bathtub in the center invites you to relax with its curves, the basins look like vases and the round mirrors flood the room with light.

Roundness on the walls

KALESERAMIK To create a surprise in your bathroom, think of the wall covering! In this bathroom, the walls are adorned with rounds in tone on tone which contrast with the rectangular walls and echo the rounded mirror. A very graphic result in perspective.