10 essential objects for a cozy living room

10 essential objects for a cozy living room

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1 / A cozy sofa


The couch embodies the very essence of living room, without it, there is no room for life… But not all sofa models contribute to creating a cozy living room. The seat should be as generous as possible, inviting to relaxation and laziness. In terms of materials, thick fabrics are popular! We add him a blanket and soft cushions to make him the centerpiece of the living room at the height of cocooning.

2 / A woolen plaid


In all the cozy lounges glimpses in decorative magazines, not a sofa is lacking in decoration soft blanket and very cozy in which to nestle. To be adopted urgently, preferably, wool and in a neutral or natural color!

3 / Soft light


It's no secret: thelighting determines the atmosphere of any room… and more than ever in a cozy living room ! Lighting that is too white is banned or, on the contrary, lighting that is too dark and a bit depressing. The good idea is in themix of light sources that can be turned off and on as desired depending on the needs and the desired atmosphere. We alternate between ceiling suspensions, table lamps to be installed at the end of the sofa, candles on the windowsills and floor lamps next to the sofa or an armchair…

4 / A very soft carpet


No cozy lounge without carpet ! In addition to bringing comfort and warmth to the living room, it allows you to structure the space ... only beneficial! Kilim carpet, thick carpet, graphic carpet, colored carpet, there is no preference to have on the side of the model to choose for a cozy living room. We only make sure that it matches the original style of the room.

5 / Nesting wooden tables


To have everything close at hand when you are very warm in your sofa, you must have a coffee table large enough to put a mug, TV tray, magazines and co. The Scandinavians understood this well with their nesting coffee tables ! More than functional, they are also practical since they are infinitely modular. We choose them preferably in wood, key material of warm interiors…

6 / A rocking chair


For a moment of ultimate relaxation, nothing like a rocking chair which swings back and forth and gently rocks you… We adopt it in its cozy living room whatever his style! vintage rattan or more modern, in wood and fabric, we add fleece cushions and a sheepskin to make it even more comfortable.

7 / Cozy decorative accessories


A cozy living room goes mainly through the details and a juxtaposition ofdecorative accessories which directly echo the good times spent warm at home. Besides the plaid and candles, we adopt mugs, TV trays and tea sets design to exhibit on the coffee table.

8 / Velvet cushions


Indispensable in a living room, and even more in the cozy living room, cushions dress up velvet to be more than trendy. They are preferably chosen in a warm color that is pleasant to look at.

9 / thick curtains


We cannot repeat it enough: the cozy living room love them curtains. They dress the windows elegantly and strengthen theprivacy of the room. How to do without it? To transform the living room into a real cocoon, we prefer them in a very thick and opaque fabric

10 / Rattan storage baskets


The cozy living room, it's a room in which you feel good… and it (also) goes through storage ! Nothing must be in disorder, everything must be organized and tidy so as not to disturb the gaze and annoy. So we bet on storage baskets, preferably rattan, in natural or neutral colors, so that they blend into the whole decoration from the living room.


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