White flowers in summer

White flowers in summer

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We often imagine a summer garden filled with multicolored flowers: yellow sunflowers, red dahlias, orange nasturtiums… However, there is a color that we think less of but which, with more discretion, is heard to awaken a garden : it's white! White is not an absence of color. With it, it's pure light that you invite to the garden. It is also freshness and a certain elegance. Watch the sun set over your garden and you will see: the last bright spots to disappear in the dark will be those of your beds of white flowers.


J-F. Mahé This particularly generous flowering plant does wonders in tall beds. The ideal is to let the phlox develop in a bushy way to take advantage of dozens of particularly fragrant flower clusters!


J-F. Mahé This amazing flower is available in all colors, to the delight of the gardener who wants to flower his garden without having to take care of it too much! Very robust and particularly durable, the zinnia will keep its superb until the first frost.

The cosmos

J-F. Mahé Install a foot of white cosmos in your garden, and you will see its beauty eclipse that of all other flowers! It is both its numerous and light corollas which give it this unusual grace and its immaculate whiteness which strikes with its luminosity.


J-F. Mahé So emblematic in its red version that it is no longer presented, the poppy knows how to decline its silk petals in many other colors. How do you find it in white?


J-F. Mahé There are many more varieties of hydrangeas than Brittany postcards suggest! Willingly associated with this region of France where particularly likes and adorns many facades and low walls, the hydrangea is an easy plant that adapts to all climates. Some varieties even know how to resist frost. Pink, purple, white, single flowers ... the hydrangea is available for our pleasure.

The sedum

J-F. Mahé He does not fear heat and barely requires water. It flowers in late summer, when most species have gone from flower to seed. Two characteristics that make it precious in the eyes of carefree gardening enthusiasts! In a pot or on a low wall, it brings the freshness of its foliage and its delicate flowering, the color of which varies according to the varieties.

The althea

J-F. Mahé This generously flowering shrub will delight those who are bored by hedges with foliage. It can indeed be used to delimit land - it supports pruning - but also as an isolated subject. Here too you can choose your color: pink, purple, white…

The lily

J-F. Mahé We no longer present the lily, so elegant, so refined, so fragrant. Watch out for its pollen-rich stamens that will stain your nose if you get too close!


J-F. Mahé At the same time discreet and so present, it is by the abundance of its hundreds of small flowers that the chamomile stands out to the eye. Almost devoid of foliage, it is a plant that dresses beds and bouquets with great lightness.


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