Wallpaper looks futuristic

Wallpaper looks futuristic

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"Yes future!". Thus was titled the set designer Vincent Grégoire on the Maison & Objet trade show in early September. You could admire the omnipresence of objects and accessories as surprising as they are innovative. What if our new decor also seemed to come straight from the future? Let's start by setting the mood with visually surprising wallpapers.

Light speed

Elitis ### Rocket launch to explore space. Here the stars become shooting stars, and all the patterns go at a light speed. Yes, the future has settled in the living room.


Elitis ### This very tangled and super light purple ribbon caused a sensation on the wall. We also like the purple contrast - black background that sows a universe bordering on the fantastic.

Surprising reflections

Elitis ### This is a wallpaper that creates astonishment. With its "brushed loose paint" look, it forms a very arty black rendering, enhanced with almost fluorescent reflections.

Optical illusion

Elitis ### Standing out against a black background, almost molecular and multicolored shapes create an XXL play of optics. Back to the future !


Elitis ### Clean and graphic, this immaculate wallpaper reveals slightly sculptural patterns: intertwined white rings that leave us speechless.


Elitis ### More circles and 3D effects. The wallpaper never ceases to amaze us!


Leroy Merlin ### The wallpaper plays with our view with these terrestrial globes pixelated upside down.

Trendy stripes

Elitis ### Asymmetry, disproportionate layout and bright yellow color: this wallpaper dares to be more than modern in design.


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