10 DIY with terrestrial globes

10 DIY with terrestrial globes

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They have announced their big comeback in our interiors, and that is not to displease us! Terrestrial globes, the use of which for revising geography lessons has been somewhat forgotten, are reinventing themselves and moving into our living rooms, our bedrooms, in the form of a suspension, a cheese bell or simply customized. You were planning to put yours in the trash this week? You may change your mind by discovering our 10 DIY easy to make with terrestrial globes.

A globe-suspension

Natalme Tired of the old pendant light that overlooks your room? Go hop, cut an old cardboard globe in half, install the electrical system, attach the bulb ... and here is a homemade fixture that no longer goes unnoticed. Source: Natalme

A little message

Chris loves Julia Do you like your globe the way it is, but find that it just needs a little something to be original? What if you write a word or two with paint? This one looks great now! Source: Chris loves Julia

Chalkboard effect

Joann Using a blackboard bomb, cover your entire globe. Once the paint is dry, you can write down your different routes, your favorite cities ... in short, whatever you want, with a simple chalk. Source: Joann

A globe for Star Wars fans

The Interior DIYer Are you half a fan of the Star Wars saga? Make him happy by transforming the old terrestrial globe of the living room into a Death Star more real than life! Source: The Interior DIYer

A customizable globe

Design Sponge Green chalkboard paint for continents, blackboard paint for seas and oceans, and here is a globe that can be personalized endlessly with white or colored chalk. Source: Design Sponge

A refined globe

I Spy DIY This globe, entirely painted in white, has only retained the lines of the continents in a fine, golden line. The result is very refined, don't you think? Source: I Spy DIY

A globe in song

Cutesy Crafts Thanks to old scores, this terrestrial globe now sees life in music. Source: Cutesy Crafts

A bell for the recipes of the world

Dukes and Duchesses To keep a plate warm or simply to protect the cheese, this bell made with a globe cut in half will do the job perfectly! The plus: it may surprise more than one guest! Source: Dukes and Duchesses

Repaint the seas

The Winthrop Chronicles Failing to cross them by boat, paint the seas and oceans of your terrestrial globe with blackboard paint and write some info and small drawings with white chalk. Pretty, right? Source: The Winthrop Chronicles