10 cozy houseboat interiors

10 cozy houseboat interiors

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Reconciling life on the water without leaving the city is possible by opting for a barge! Do you want to get away from the pollution, the urban excitement and looking for a nomadic lifestyle? Immediate boat, to discover the ten most beautiful interiors of barges stuck on Pinterest. On the program, luxury and comfort a thousand leagues from the urban hubbub. Discovery in pictures!

Black is black?

Jean-Marc Wullschleger / Living Agency

Chic and timeless, the color black takes over from the kitchen to the bedroom. Playing on the contrasts of raw wood and anthracite gray, deep and omnipresent, this barge revisits the traditional decor of houses on the water with class and simplicity. Source: Elle Decor Espana

A hippie chic kinfolk decoration

The River Rats - Green Like Bathwater

Is bohemian style dethroning Scandinavian decor? This trend is taking up more and more space in our interiors, the proof in pictures. Vintage furniture, Kilim rugs, graphic patterns and a combination of objects and materials overlap to create a bohemian folk universe, timeless. Source: The River Rats & Green Like Bathwater

A well thought-out interior

Ikea Family

When you live on a floating house, you sometimes have to compete with ingenuity to optimize the often limited space. The trick: create hanging storage. Source: Tiny House Swoon

Comfortable spaces to arrange

Breanne Johnsen

Did you think that living in a barge was synonymous with a rudimentary lifestyle? Think again ! The houses on the water offer a great flexibility of arrangement and allow to create comfortable and luxurious spaces. This elegant and minimalist bathroom is decorated with white and gray wall mosaics. Source: Apartment Therapy

Wood invites itself on barges

Alysha Findley

Want a true homecoming: we opt without further delay for a natural and authentic material at will, wood. Coupled with leather and metal, it breathes heat and brings balance. The result is a friendly and cozy interior. Source: Apartment Therapy

A wave of blue

Richard Powers

The color of escape, blue, a soothing and intimate hue, breaks free from its marine label to reinvent the space and refresh each room. Well-being effect guaranteed! Source: Astonishing Secrets

A barge that thinks big

Interior Junkie

We fell in love with this ultra-design barge, the interior layout of which was worked in the style of a modern townhouse. The generous volumes of the selected furniture and the immaculate walls help create this feeling of space and grandeur. We crack! Source: Interior Junkie

Between tradition and modernity

René Mesman

At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this comfortable rustic chic kitchen. Quilted with a touch of anthracite gray touches, it takes on character while retaining a beautiful luminosity thanks to the wood. Source: Dwell

A space connected to its external environment

Jens Kroell, Amelie Rost

In this original place of life, the owners have imagined large picture windows. The latter bathe the room in light and allow, alone, to sublimate the contemporary decor of the kitchen. Where to be one with nature! Source: Apartment Therapy


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