Focus on the new Caravan bed linen

Focus on the new Caravan bed linen

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The bohemian brand Caravane offers us a small overview of its new spring / summer 2013 items. Chic simplicity, soft colors, attention to detail: we let you succumb by yourself…

Tie & Dye

Caravan The Tie & Dye spring trend also goes through Caravan. On the duvet and the cushions, fades in sun yellow or black color, perfectly rub off the "degraded" style. So trendy!

Bohemian chic

Caravan The trademark of Caravan, we find it on this bed linen: cushions, sheets and duvets in falsely crumpled linen, or how to create a chic atmosphere with ease.

Noodle cushions

Caravan At Caravan, the cushion covers close like bustiers, tying pretty ribbons on their sides…

Tenderly feminine

Divine caravan marriage of white and old rose for this bed linen decided to assert its femininity. Add to that, a nice handcrafted braiding, and the charm operates…

Double sided

Caravan We swap the old rose for the timeless black and white. Fine stripes on one side, plant motifs in the "ornamental frieze" style on the other. Ideal to vary according to the desires of geometric or romantic decoration!

Plain or patterned

Caravan Linen, plain or patterned, everyone has to decide! However, for the summer, we are leaning towards the style "floral and poetic prints" ...

Subtle border

Caravan A fine edging of file color on the outline of this snow white range. A subtle and discreet touch of spring, perfect for giving relief to bed linen.

Dull palette

Caravan Desaturated colors intended for chic but not bling, cheerful but not invigorating atmospheres, this is another facet of the Caravan brand which has not finished seducing us…