10 free printables for back to school

10 free printables for back to school

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Back to school has passed and you were surprised to discover that your class neighbor has the same labels, notebooks and sticky notes as you? Do not panic, with a click and a few scissors, you will be able to remedy this. Here are 10 free printables unearthed by the editor to personalize all your business.

Decorate your notebooks

Fellow Fellow Your little kraft notebooks will come alive this year thanks to a multitude of funny little prints. At your scissors! Source: Fellow Fellow

A graphic lunch bag

Minted Take your afternoon tea or lunch with style thanks to these trendy pastel and graphic paper lunch bags. Source: Minted

Labels for books

Giochi di Carta When we collect our class books, we start by covering them with transparent paper, then we stick the labels with our little name. This promised year, you will not have the same as your neighbor by printing these! Source: Giochi di Carta

Homemade blankets

Design is Yay Notice to all lovers of small notebooks! What if for the start of the school year you decide to make your own personalized blankets? Source: Design is Yay

A little cat to keep the page

Mr Printables Have you also succumbed to the cat trend? That's good, these tomcat bookmarks can be downloaded from the Mr Printables blog. Source: Mr Printables

A flashy lunch bag

At Subtle Revelry Sure that with this super flashy printed lunch bag, you will not go unnoticed at lunchtime. Source: A Subtle Revelry

Learning English

Mr Printables Are your little blond heads starting to learn English at school? Give them a little boost with these fun cards just waiting to be printed. Source: Mr Printables

A unique notebook protector

Lu Loves Handmade Covered with encrypted paper and some black and white drawings, this notebook will make more than one envious! Source: Lu Loves Handmade

Apple post-it

Wild Olive Tired of your yellow sticky notes lying around here and there on your desk ?! How about customizing them with apple prints? We love the result! Source: Wild Olive


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