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The Mark: a refined five-star hotel in New York

The Mark: a refined five-star hotel in New York

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Located in the heart of Manhattan, a stone's throw from Central Park, The Mark is a five-star New York hotel. Entrusted to the French designer, Jacques Grange, the decoration of the Mark displays a neat charm, clever mix of luxury, comfort, design and refinement. Visiting places…

Breathtaking views of the Upper East Side

The Mark Hotel At the crossroads of 77th Street and Madison Avenue, The Mark is sublimated by large terraces, offering a breathtaking view of the Upper East Side.

A welcoming lounge

The Mark Hotel Once through the magnificent glass doors of the Mark, discover a human-sized lounge, conducive to conviviality. Made of sofas and armchairs as design as comfortable, the decoration of the place invites to confidences.

Graphic corridors

The Mark Hotel In the extension of the lounge, the staircase, like the entrance of the restaurant, seduces us by their neat luxury. Between graphic floors, dressed in black and white lines, lights and mirrors, expertly chosen by Jacques Grange, these two spaces do not leave us indifferent…

A chic and cozy restaurant

The Mark Hotel Covered with a pleasant glass roof, the Mark's restaurant benefits from a beautiful light. Adorned with warm colors, subtle variations of bronze tones, this place promises beautiful moments of conviviality and sharing.

A room with intimate luxury…

The Mark Hotel To furnish the many rooms and suites at the Mark, Jacques Grange has teamed up with gallery designer, Pierre Passebon. Thus, both have combined their experience to select exceptional furniture, coupled with works of art signed by renowned artisans, such as Vladimir Kagan, Mattia Bonetti, Ron Arad, Paul Mathieu, Rachel Howard, Todd Eberle, Eric Schmitt or Karl Lagerfeld. Result? A decoration as luxurious as it is intimate.

… Another more refined bedroom

The Mark Hotel Another room, another atmosphere. In this suite, more refined than the room previously presented, Jacques Grange has successfully chosen to play the card of decorative minimalism!

A marble-clad bathroom

The Mark Hotel Regarding the space dedicated to well-being, the designer thought sobriety: marble on the wall, shower and bath spaces separated by walls tinged with blue and a touch of mint green on the vanity unit… At the editorial office, this room dream baths made everyone agree, decor approved!

A strong kitchen in perspective

The Mark Hotel In the Mark's suites, you can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, enhanced by a large mirror. What simmer good dishes, while playing on the volumes of this living space.

A contemporary bar

The Mark Hotel A highlight of the visit: the Mark's bar. In addition to very modern furniture, it is the chic and intimate atmosphere permeating this exceptional place that caught our eye.


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