The peas add charm to the decor

The peas add charm to the decor

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Timeless patterns, peas find their place in any interior and distill a touch of charm in your decor style. In the children's room or in the decor of the adults, discover 10 atmospheres with deliciously retro peas.

Peas for a cocoon

Maisons du monde Delicate and very soft, the peas can allow you to create a very cocoon decoration ideal when the temperatures drop a little. Then bet on dotted textiles in enveloping colors.

Peas on the walls

Maisons du monde For children, you will also find wallpaper with pretty peas. To avoid suffocating the room with the very present motif, we place the wallpaper on the upper part of the wall so as to create a neutral sub-base which will ventilate the room.

Country-style peas

Maisons du monde For a chic country style, white dots on a red background are essential! They bring a retro and friendly air to the room they dress. To make an office warmer, we will opt for example for this reason.

A charming room

Maisons du Monde If you like charming furniture and fairly classic decoration in natural, white, beige and greige tones, the peas will not fail to sublimate your decoration. We choose for example delicate polka dot bed linen to enhance an old bed.

Dots on the curtains

La Redoute Know that the peas can settle on all the textiles of the house and in particular on the curtains. They will bring a tender and retro touch to a classic living room or bedroom. For this we choose light curtains in shades of beige and white.

Dots to feminize the decor

La Redoute The peas bring a delicate and feminine atmosphere ideal in a room. For a simple but elegant decoration, we will focus on a white bedroom decoration by introducing a pretty beige color with the slightly larger polka dot bed linen for a more contemporary touch.

Peas on the tablecloth

La Redoute For a breakfast table or a Sunday family lunch, nothing like peas on the table linen to offer you a moment of conviviality conducive to sharing memories of yesteryear.

Peas in the kitchen

Ikea To give a playful air to the kitchen, why not install peas on the walls? We then think of using a fairly neutral backdrop like white furniture and we use the pattern on a section of wall to awaken everything.

Contemporary peas

Ikea You should know that polka dots in a more graphic and contemporary style are sure to find their place in a charming room with modern accents. Here, the bed and its polka dots bring a touch of originality to the room.


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