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A sliding door, practical and decorative

A sliding door, practical and decorative

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For the living room, the bathroom, the dressing room or even the closet, the sliding door has a very practical advantage: it does not take up space! And if it can easily disappear inside or along the wall, it is also very decorative. Here are some sliding doors that are worth a look.

A boat-like door

Leroy Merlin ### To give a bathroom air to your bathroom, there are doors that present a porthole. This small window thus brings a very decorative style to a door with a simple appearance.

A transparent door

Lapeyre ### To isolate a room from noise and stop odors without blocking the view, you can opt for a sliding glass door. By playing the transparency card, your space will seem open. It is an ideal solution to isolate a kitchen from a living room for example.

A very design door

Lapeyre ### What if the sliding door was an integral part of your decor? Thanks to models with a bold design, the door becomes a centerpiece like this model where the glass has a very graphic pattern.

A blackboard door

Lapeyre ### Finally, the door can also become an element of communication! To do this, simply choose the blackboard version where each member of the family can leave their message using white chalk. The door becomes playful for a very decorative effect!


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