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Sentou: discover what awaits you in the 2015-2016 fall collection

Sentou: discover what awaits you in the 2015-2016 fall collection

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A modular shelf created by Marc Held, a legendary stool imagined by Roger Tallon, a plant holder signed OK Design, welcome to your favorite editor and design creator; I named Sentou. The editorial team went this morning to the presentation of the new autumn-winter 2015-2016 products and invites you to take a look at what awaits you.

The modular shelf by Marc Held

Thanks to several notches made in each of the elements, you can design your shelf as you wish. The combinations are numerous, and the result daring. A modular concept that we owe to Marc Held (1966) and reissued for the first time by Sentou. 550 euros per pair

Cloud sentou coffee table

A new "CLOUD" table Available in two sizes, whose different heights make it possible to assemble them, and in 7 finishes (monochrome or bicolour), the Cloud coffee tables remind us of tables from the 50s with pretty tripod legs. Its more modern design will delight more than one modern living room. Small model: 480 euros Large model: 580 euros

Bergerac library

Created in 2012, the Bergerac bookcase made of wood and colored metal tubes is now accompanied by a larger shelf to form an office. Practical and space saving, we validate!

Bergerac stools

To accompany your Bergerac desk, nothing like the Bergerac stool today available in all the colors already available for the library. 240 euros

A footrest for Souillac

The Souillac armchair created in 1958 by Sentou and reissued two years ago will have two armrests added and will be accompanied by a footrest this winter.

A wired plant holder

Imagined by the Officina Kreativa studio, the CIBELE lacquered metal plant stands are a real favorite. Lover of corded objects, you will love it! From 39 euros

Focus on the Danish brand Woud

The young Danish brand Woud offers a collection of high-end designer furniture, lighting and accessories. Simple and perfectly elaborated, the products are faithful to the heritage of Danish design and the Scandinavian sweetness of life. Small oak tray: 45 euros

A discreet lamp

The Danish brand Woud does not only rely on wood! The proof is with this desk lamp in lacquered metal with discreet lines but nevertheless very design. 195 euros


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