Decorative lighting around the bed: full of ideas

Decorative lighting around the bed: full of ideas

Not only does the lighting framing the bed make it possible to read books without leaving the duvet and without blinking, but in addition, it plants the nocturnal decor in the bedroom. Discover our section dedicated to lighting.

Wall sconces

### Here, the bedside lamps are two resolutely crisp wall lights positioned at the ends of the shelving headboard. Between them parade orchids, books and paintings.

Multiple lamps

### Fear of not being lit enough or just want to accentuate a cozy atmosphere, this room has multiplied the light points around its bed: designer table lamp on the right side, two wall lights above the head of bed, and just below them, directional light torches.

A light ribbon

### The little extra of this room? The luminous ribbon lighting the table overhanging the bed, but also, at the same time, the evening readers.

A bright headboard

### Equipped with wall sconces, the headboard lights up… It's chic and practical.

A paper lamp

### On one side of the bed only, a high paper lamp illuminates the room with a subdued air, ideal for soothing the spirits.

Duo of table lamps

### Framing the bed with charm, two small curved lamps gently illuminate the gray and white decor.

A desk lamp

### Tucked against the wall behind the bed, a desk lamp rocks the evenings of toddlers until the end of the story announces the extinction of the lights.

Mismatched lamps

### On one side of the bed, it will be a table lamp, on the other, a small desk lamp. In this Audrey Hepburn-style feminine bedroom, night lighting does not complicate life.

Large lamps

### Two majestic table lamps illuminate this yellow / black room as if to enhance its character. Discover even more decorative inspirations based on lighting: here!