The bathroom plays glamor

The bathroom plays glamor

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It is well known, women spend a lot of time in the bathroom. So to dedicate this piece to them, we put on a feminine style that will give a very glamorous touch to the piece. Discover some inspirations.

A bathroom with soft colors

Lapeyre In this bathroom, femininity comes directly from the color of the tiles which display a delicate purple. To this feminine color, we add very elegant black lacquered furniture and a round tub which will be the theater of relaxation.

A "candy" bathroom

Lapeyre To bring a feminine touch to the bathroom, you can bet on pink or plum furniture that will set the tone in the room. Then install a comfortable armchair and feminine accessories to give a "living room" style to the bathroom.

A flowery bathroom

Mobalpa In this beautiful size bathroom, the purple furniture is skillfully combined with black flowered tiles which give fullness to the whole bathroom while adding a delicate touch. For the ambiance, we add metal vases and a very designer light.

A designer bathroom

Mobalpa Who says design does not necessarily mean cold and masculine atmosphere. The proof: in this bathroom, the sleek white furniture is associated with black walls with very chic tiling and accessories like an armchair and a pink cushion come to bring the feminine touch.

A bathroom with a soft atmosphere

Mobalpa Here, we combine plum with taupe for the trendy aspect and white for the light touch. To create the decor on the wall, choose a strip of floral wallpaper and finish the ambiance with candles and decorative vases.

A bathroom like a bedroom

Delpha This bathroom is designed as a bedroom, it is also an extension of a female bedroom where the bathtub is the centerpiece of the space. On the walls, wallpaper and moldings create the decor while the ambient pink brings softness to the entire room.

A personalized bathroom

Mezquita Know that femininity can be imposed with the help of a detail. Personalize your bathroom by choosing furniture with a decor (or failing that, play with a sticker to set the tone of your room without overdoing it.

A baroque bathroom

Azur Lign For a fairly feminine baroque style, you can bet on a decor that combines white, black and purple. Choose a patterned wallpaper and opt for a large candlestick that will bring a touch of charm to the room.

A glamorous bathroom

Castorama Finally, for a fully glamorous bathroom, do not hesitate to mix the codes. Here, we find the spots near the mirror to remind the lodges of the stars, a sink sporting the forms of a console and a bathtub dressed in a mirror for a grandiose decor.


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