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A dream home in Brooklyn

A dream home in Brooklyn

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Who has never dreamed of moving to New York? Today, the city of Brooklyn, adjacent to the popular island of Manhattan, is experiencing a real increase in popularity. There, for the pleasure of your eyes, he found the ideal home. This old car shed from the 1860s has been transformed into a mansion with very designer interiors. Sold by Sotheby's for just under 9 million euros, the house spans two floors and 385 square meters. Presentation in pictures of this exceptional place.

The perfect living room

Sotheby's The volumes of this Brooklyn home are just perfect. Here, you can observe the very large living room with light walls and very pretty taupe parquet. The little extra: the modern fireplace built into the wall.

TV corner

Sotheby's Having a room exclusively dedicated to television at home is a luxury. This cozy TV corner is located in the master suite on the top floor. You can imagine yourself coiled in the fur blanket watching a good movie.

A bright and design kitchen

Sotheby's In big cities, it's not common to find such a bright kitchen. If it is as much, it is thanks to the huge picture window that we can see on the back wall. Very design with its light furniture, its central island and its gray parquet, it makes it an ideal place to eat for the whole family.

A 60 square meter terrace

Sotheby's In the city, and especially in New York where the concentration of buildings is higher than anywhere else, it is extremely rare to have a garden. To overcome this drawback, the roof of our dream house in Brooklyn has been converted into a superb terrace of 60 square meters.

The parental suite

Sotheby's Located on the top floor of the house, the master suite consists of a very large bedroom, a large dressing room and a comfortable bathroom. Parents also have a private terrace, large enough to accommodate a few deckchairs.

Receive friends correctly

Sotheby's When buying a house, you always want to have an extra room to accommodate friends or family passing through. Here is one of the four bedrooms that make up the house. Sober but design, it is decorated in the same light tones as the rest of the accommodation. It is not said that your guests agree to leave.

The children's room.

Sotheby's Always decorated in the same colors, the children's room has a slate painted wall, which allows the little ones to have fun drawing on the walls without having to worry about reprimands.

Spa-like bathrooms

Sotheby's A dream home must have as many bathrooms as bedrooms. This is almost the case with our Brooklyn house which contains 3. All decorated in very natural tones, they have nothing to envy to those of large palaces.

Italian shower

Sotheby's Here, a second bathroom of the house, in a walk-in shower version. * For more information: * //


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